Where can I donate old hearing aids near me?

Where can I donate old hearing aids near me?

Foundations that donate hearing aids

Why computer recycling is importantElectronic disposal isn’t just another chore on your to-do list; it’s a vital way to keep toxic waste out of our landfills and conserve precious natural resources.

If you’re getting rid of working computers in favor of something newer and faster, donation is probably your best option. Devices that are in relatively good condition can be refurbished and given a second chance at life. Plus, if you donate to a charity, you can even receive a tax deduction for your unwanted electronics.

You’ll find that many organizations, including local churches, schools and Scout troops host neighborhood events where you can drop off your box of old equipment and call it a day. Not only that, but you can even get a tax deduction in many cases.

If you’re getting rid of a desktop, notebook or tablet, data security should be your primary concern. Before you find a new home for your old computer equipment, you’ll want to make sure you’ve deleted all your personal information and transferred files to another secure location.

Hearing Foundation

All electronic devices are manufactured with components that are not at all biodegradable, but are also, in many cases, highly polluting, such as batteries. That is why it is essential that we learn the importance of disposing of them properly.

If you are concerned about the environment, the best thing you can do is to finally sort out that drawer full of cables, cell phones that do not work and old chargers. Then, take everything you decide to throw away to the nearest clean point.

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Through the website of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) it is possible to locate the clean point closest to your home. It is also possible to check with your local council where you can take your electronic waste and, for larger appliances, such as computers and televisions, most councils have a collection service. To find out when it is possible to leave them on the street, you will need to speak to your local council and arrange a specific timetable.

How to get a free hearing aid

We recently talked about how the rising price of cell phones is making it take longer and longer to change models. Meanwhile, the market for refurbished cell phones has grown considerably, an indicator that giving a second chance to phones we no longer want is a good option.

However, there are models that are perhaps too old or too deteriorated to have a second life in the market, what can we do in this case? We have many options and alternatives before opting for the not at all recommendable option of throwing them away.

Among these organizations we have Oxfam Intermon and Amnesty International, both in collaboration with the recycling company Movilbak. The waste management company assesses whether the terminals can be repaired and given a second life with the consequent donation of the profits obtained, or whether they have to be recycled. In the latter case, the hazardous waste is managed in accordance with the regulations.

Free hearing aids for senior citizens

Dr. Romano, director of Fanda, also has an audiological institute and spends almost 70% of her time in pro bono work for the foundation. Five other speech therapists collaborate with her, also on a pro bono basis. Until now, Fanda only relied on hearing aids donated by the population itself, but due to the country’s problematic economic situation, not even the middle class in Argentina can afford to change their hearing aids on a regular basis. Not everyone has health insurance, and even these insurances do not effectively subsidize a hearing aid replacement.

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Determined to help, I informed the German press, which published reports about the planned action asking readers to support the donation of unused hearing aids. The resonance of this action was enormous. Every day people came to my store to donate their old hearing aids. Excited by the success, I informed other colleagues who immediately took part in the action and also published articles in other newspapers.