What is anti-snore pillow?


Snoring is a problem that hinders a correct rest both for those who suffer from it and for those who sleep on their side. Some people are predisposed to snoring in almost any position, with greater volume or with awakenings. These people usually need a combined strategy to reduce their snoring, which will include an anti-snoring pillow, to stop snoring, and a good mattress.

These classic anti-snoring pillows are usually adaptable for side sleepers, the most indicated posture if you want to reduce your snoring and rest better, although you should keep in mind that without a good mattress there is no effective anti-snoring pillow.

To better understand how a snoring pillow works, we must know a little physiology, do not panic. When we sleep, the vocal cords relax, so it can happen that when we expel air during exhalation they vibrate and produce noise. The probability of this happening increases if you sleep on your back and if you are overweight, because in both cases the vocal cords are further away from their position when you are sitting or standing.

How does the anti-snoring pillow work?

It is a system integrated into the pillow, which detects when the person snores by changes in the rhythm of breathing. Once the snoring is identified, the air chamber where the user’s head rests is inflated so that the user’s head changes position.

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How should we sleep to avoid snoring?

Losing weight can help reduce snoring. Sleep on your side. When you lie on your back, your tongue falls backward into your throat, which narrows your airway and partially obstructs airflow. Try sleeping on your side.

Why does a person snore?

Snoring occurs when something prevents air from flowing freely through the mouth and nose. When you breathe, the walls of the throat vibrate, causing the snoring sound.

High or low pillow to prevent snoring

It doesn’t matter what your anti-snoring pillow needs are or what your budget is, because I have conducted an in-depth analysis to include the top-rated options suitable for diversified usage needs and different budget ranges.

To make this list an unbiased resource for choosing the best anti-snoring pillows, I contacted 36 experts and discussed various aspects to consider. After much discussion, I reviewed customer reviews, researched name brands and many other things. Because my goal is to recommend products that are very economical.

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Anti-snoring pillow works

Measurable success at the touch of a buttonIt is possible to test the positive effects of the SISSEL® Silencium easily.You can measure how long the snoring lasts and many other parameters. An example:a) With the cushion activated – The air chambers inflate with the snoring sound and move the head to a different position until snoring stops or is reduced to a minimum.b) With the cushion deactivated – The snoring sounds are as usual (what would be produced using a conventional pillow).This comparison demonstrates the success of the SISSEL® Silencium

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Best pillow for sleep apnea

The best pillows to not snore quality price stand out for helping to breathe better and to place the head in the right position to not transmit sounds with the throat, so we present this ranking of anti-snoring pillows to choose the most suitable for you.

Unlike any normal pillow, this one provides its best qualities for those people who move constantly, helping to reduce snoring completely to provide a quiet rest, improving breathing.

Whenever we are going to choose it is necessary to know where to buy that pillow to not snore you need because it is one of the aspects that will ensure you get the best anti-snoring pillow quality price.