What is a bed lever?

What is a bed lever?

Proper use of the manual hospital bed – HOSPIRENT

Grupo MyR Decoración would like to present the different models of sofas we work with and help you make the right choice.  The first choice we must make is the type of structure or system that suits us best, and we will explain each one below:

The sofas with extensible systems usually have a deeper bottom because the seats are sliding and we can take the seats out either to sit stretching the legs or to lie down in what we could consider a kind of bed.

These sofas are mounted on relax armchair mechanisms that when joined together, both ends of the 3 seats (in this case the central one would be fixed) work as a lever relax armchair.  We can lift the footrest on both sides and recline the backrests to lie down independently. It is a very demanded model for its economic price and great comfort.

It is the same system as the relax with electric motor, in this case each seat has a button panel from which you handle the motor relax and where we can put each seat of the chair in the position we want at all times.

Simple Machines

If the accommodation is a private villa or apartment, then please provide the name and contact details of the owner or company that owns the Villa, so that we can make arrangements to deliver and collect the equipment.

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The Bed Lever helps you get in and out of bed. The lever is strong and durable – made of chrome plated steel and fits securely under any mattress – ideal for short term rentals while on vacation!

Bed Levers are available for hire in Limassol, Cyprus and can be delivered directly to your hotel, apartment or place of residence when you book with Mobility Equipment Hire Direct.

When you hire a Bed Lever in Limassol, Cyprus, Mobility Equipment Hire Direct offers you a world class service and will ensure that your needs are met. Mobility Equipment Hire Direct strives to make renting Bed Aids in Limassol, Cyprus as easy and stress free as possible.

Levers and types of levers (degrees of lever)

Smart Homes until recently seemed like science fiction but technology is revolutionizing our lifestyle, starting with our home. What is a smart home and how to make my home smart? We tell you the keys to these homes of the future!

In 2016 alone, 75 billion euros were allocated for research and development of these technologies. Some of the coming innovations can already be found in privileged homes. But not all of them. When we talk about Smart Home we talk about fully intelligent homes connected to the Internet.

Some furniture firms already offer, for example, folding beds connected to a voice assistant to automatically open and close the bed in case of guests. And that same voice assistant – Siri or Alexa – can turn on and off the LED light inside.

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Appliances, especially kitchen appliances, will be the big revolution. But dishwashers and washing machines will not be far behind. No more worrying about detergent or fabric softener. These appliances will be able to economize on products or order them from stores when they run out.

Correct way to get out of bed or off the floor.

For this style, keep in mind that you will have to give importance to space. Also, incorporate furniture and decorative elements with straight lines and smooth finishes into your room. In addition, be inspired by neutral colors such as white, gray, beige or earthy colors, but don’t forget red or black for contrast!

So, incorporate a bed with a headboard that contains straight lines and shapes and wrap it with clothes that have simple and elegant patterns. We recommend that you use the softest colors for the walls, floor and ceiling and keep the brightest colors for some details such as the bedside tables or the cushion covers of your bed.

Secondly, the romantic air fits perfectly with you if you love love love in all its forms. Delicacy, discretion and elegance are the words that should inspire you to create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.

To imbue your bedroom with a romantic air, use soft tones and pastel colors. For example, almost all shades of pink, beige or salmon are your allies when it comes to decorating your room in this style. Of course, do not forget the color red to give that special and romantic touch to your room.

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