What does IAVI stand for?

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For IAVI, collaborating with an organization with MSD’s expertise in vaccines in general and in particular, in VSV technology, is a huge step, of which we are very proud because we know that by joining forces with MSD we will advance this candidate at the fastest possible speed.

Given that the viral vector we are using maintains the capacity to replicate and taking into account what we know so far and previous experience in Ebola, it is foreseeable that if it proves to be effective and safe, one dose of this vaccine could be sufficient, which would significantly simplify scaling up to the general population.

It is too early to specify a timetable for availability. We are contributing to a global effort of extraordinary urgency, and ordinary timelines are being unusually expedited by both regulatory authorities and researchers. With this collaborative agreement with MSD, we know that we will be able to advance this candidate at the fastest possible speed. I can say that scientists in both organizations are not wasting a single day, because we know that every day counts and we wake up every day with that sense of urgency.

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The European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) has committed to support the Phase III trial of MTBVAC in newborns, scheduled to begin in 2022 in several African countries. IAVI will support the development and further mobilization of funding for the trial in neonates as well as in adolescents and adults.

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If MTBVAC is proven safe and effective, Biofabri, in partnership with IAVI, TBVI and Unizar, will ensure that MTBVAC vaccine is manufactured and supplied in sufficient quantities to newborns, infants, adolescents and adults and is accessible and affordable in low- and middle-income countries.

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Project Eleven Thirteen contributes to universal access to prevention, diagnosis, care and support for patients living with HIV, especially in the most vulnerable communities. We will be here until the end of the epidemic.

Preliminary data from an early-stage Phase I clinical trial suggest that a new approach to an HIV vaccine holds promise.  The data were presented in February at the International AIDS Society’s virtual HIV Prevention Research conference and showed that the immune systems of 35 of 36 healthy people who received two doses of the vaccine can produce broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) that could produce an immune response to the virus.

No, and it will require several complex steps to produce antibodies that prevent HIV in any or all of its variations, and several more trials to do so.  In the IAVI/Scripps trial, a targeted response was detected in 97% of participants who received the vaccine, which is not the same as saying that those participants developed antibodies.

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And her. Until March, she traveled around the world. Today, from her home with spectacular views of the Brooklyn Bridge, she continues to lead teams: “My job is to orchestrate the efforts of all our teams, help them make their results shine, loudspeak and reflect with them, give them perspective when they lose it or when they lack it from their respective areas and make their ‘individual’ contributions, as they all lead teams in turn, come together in perfect sync,” she explains to MagasIN. “This to me is the essence of leading as an organization and requires the leader to be one in the team.”

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She declares herself a great supporter of cooperation: “The complexity of today’s world demands it. It is impossible to know everything, especially when you have global responsibilities. I am fortunate to work with professionals who know much more than I do in each of their areas.”

The name Bill Gates, whose funds support IAVI, inevitably brings us to Miguel Bosé. The researcher prefers not to go into the controversial statements of the singer who accuses Gates of having obscure objectives such as controlling the population with a chip. Bosé directly attacks the work of GAVI, a global alliance for vaccination, which Gates also supports.