What are 10 communication strategies?

The strategy of distraction in a nutshell

Nor is the tourism sector left out of these opportunistic swings in communication. In view of the vested interests and the conflicts that these in turn generate, there is constant recourse to the propagation of supposed truths, behind which there is a perfectly calculated strategy that seeks new scenarios and possible transmitters of these messages. Unfortunately, disinformation is fashionable, it is practiced on a daily basis and its consequences are highly damaging.

It consists of creating a “supposed problem” to generate uneasiness and, when the receiver demands solutions, to propose a previously planned alternative. It is also known as the problem-reaction-solution strategy.

It consists of addressing the desired change gradually and projected over time, in such a way that it is practically imperceptible to the receiver, thus avoiding any possible opposition or rejection on his part.

It consists of informing the receiver of an unpopular measure to be taken in the future as inevitable and necessary, even if it is not to the sender’s liking, which will allow it to be accepted in the distant future.

What are media manipulation strategies?

Its function is to amuse, entertain and inform, as well as to inculcate in individuals the values, beliefs and codes of behavior that will make them integrate into the institutional structures of society.

What are the communication strategies of a company?

Communication strategies are a type of business tool that helps an organization align its overall objectives with a marketing plan. When well thought out, they serve to build trust, reinforce corporate culture and even set priorities.

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What is the importance of communication strategies?

It provides greater visibility to a company, so you will be able to reach more customers. Strategies use tools. … It provides information of interest to customers in a direct way, making communication more efficient. It allows you to reach a more specific audience, through more targeted campaigns.

The strategy of gradualism

Using the most emotional part of people is a classic strategy to dissuade them from analyzing situations rationally. In addition, using people’s emotional register appeals to their instinctive behavior, based on desires and fears.

Making the individual believe that he alone is to blame for his own misfortune, mainly due to his lack of intelligence, his poor abilities, or his lack of effort. In this way, people will blame themselves instead of rebelling against the system.

Knowing these media manipulation strategies will not prevent certain powers from continuing to use them in their favor to condition our behavior. However, it will allow us (as individuals within a very large collective: society) to decide to what extent we will allow them to influence us or how we will react when we detect them.

Apart from Sylvain Timsit’s 10 strategies, there are many other persuasion and social influence techniques from the world of business marketing that, when applied to politics, can be real missiles.

How does the media influence society?

The media, likewise, make it possible for many personal relationships to hold together or, at least, not disappear completely as they facilitate real-time communication.

What is an online communication strategy?

A digital communication strategy is a tool that is part of the marketing plan or the company’s social media plan. With it you are going to set a series of planned guidelines in order to achieve your goal.

What does the word mediatico mean?

Mediatic is that which relates to the media: Media conglomerate or media group; Media bias. Mediatic, fame or attributes of a celebrity.

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Throughout the article we will review the main types of communication strategies that exist, and so that we can implement them, we will explain the main steps to elaborate our strategy.

Communicating effectively will help us to achieve our objectives and to compete with our most direct rivals in a fierce struggle to achieve success or, at least, to remain firm on it.

Before going over the steps you should follow to shape your strategy, it is important to know the main strategies that have been used since ancient times to communicate a certain product, service or brand.

Nowadays, we can use many channels to increase our brand visibility and reach potential customers: website, social networks, appearance in specialized media, and even weaving agreements and/or collaborations with other professionals.

And as in previous strategies, you should also make use of technologies (websites, blogs, social networks, newsletters ….), as well as your closest collaborators and media, both online and offline.

What is manipulating people?

Manipulation occurs when an individual or group of individuals takes control of the behavior of a person or a group, using persuasion or mental suggestion techniques in an attempt to eliminate the person’s critical or self-critical abilities, that is, his or her ability to …

What does Noam Chomsky point out?

Chomsky’s Universal Grammar asserts that the common foundation of human languages is their recursion, a process, usually associated with subordination, that enables a speaker to introduce sentences into other sentences without limit.

What is communication and what is its importance?

The importance of communication lies in the fact that it is our means to understand each other. It is our tool to get what we need and what we want, as well as who we are. That is why, not only as individuals, it is important to communicate well as a company or as a brand.

Clear examples of the 10 strategies of media manipulation in colombia

In an increasingly infoxicated world, where the power of weapons loses value and the power of information becomes powerful, being able to control the media that distribute and create such truths, is the main element of control used by political classes, brands and individuals, who generate ideas and create arguments without foundation or low contrasted information. A problem that, as gregarious beings integrated within societies, should make us worry about whether we are critical and wise Homo sapiens regarding the information we receive and produce. Do we really know if what we see, hear and listen to is not being manipulated under particular interests?

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If we were led to believe that reading is an evil that generates problems of thought, disputes, wars, social conflicts, etc., as Bradbury led us to believe in his dystopian novel Farenheit 451, surely we ourselves would want books to be burned, throwing all this knowledge voluntarily into the bonfires lit with the matches of lies and the worst intentional premeditation. In short, once the problem is created, we ourselves will accept the “necessary measures” imposed to correct it.