Is Band-Aid toxic?


Belén Aguilera and Lola Índigo have not missed their date. Last night, as they had announced, the singers published in the streaming platforms their new collaboration: La Tirita. A super catchy and danceable song in which they have joined forces to launch a message focused on ‘girl power’ and sisterhood despite narrating, with the help of producer Pablo Russ, a story of heartbreak and self-improvement.

The artists, who are in very good times in their respective careers, have recorded in Ibiza a fun and colorful video clip with which they show how life improves if there is sorority among women and launch a message against toxic relationships repeating on several occasions that “I’m going alone”.

Now Aguilera and Lola Indigo have returned to the spotlight, as La Tirita, a few hours after being launched on Youtube, has slipped into the top 5 most viewed videos of the moment and has already accumulated more than 100,000 views in less than 12 hours.

Tincture of iodine

From feminism, the topic of toxic relationships between heterosexual couples, that is, between a woman and a man, is often discussed. However, little do we talk about toxic relationships between women and, undoubtedly, they also mark us. Throughout my life I have separated from many people, but there are two “divorces” that left their mark on me. When I have decided to remove a close friend from my life, it has been a hard, very hard decision that leaves its mark for life. And I do not question the value of my decision, nor do I regret it. The distance was undoubtedly necessary to end the toxicity and, as if it were a weed, I uprooted from my life the presence of those who brought nothing but pain, conflict and drama.

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This blog entry, far from my usual tendency, is because I am living closely, through a good friend, the toxic relationship she has with her mother. Which makes me wonder: how to escape that toxicity? After all, a mother is forever… or is she? It’s hard enough to let go of someone you love, whether it’s a friend, a significant other or a partner, but can you “divorce” your mother?

Povidone iodine is defeated

The success of the song could be felt from the beginning of the rumors of a possible collaboration, and when the first teaser published by both singers on their social networks was released, the time bomb that this song would be was confirmed.

A song with the voice of both artists could have been a very risky bet, since they work in quite opposite styles. However, they have shown that they form a perfect contrast, making “La Tirita” a fresh song full of very modern urban rhythms. In short, another song that we will cry for not being able to enjoy it while partying.

The videoclip, by David Camarero and Vampire Films, presents Belén as a victim of an assault, attack or violence, who drowns her sorrows with what seems to be her alter ego, conscience, an old friend who is no longer there, or an imaginary figure in which she takes refuge when everything goes wrong. Finally, that person disappears, and it is time to face the reality with whom we will have to coexist for life: ourselves.

Oxygenated water

With this background James felt motivated to investigate alternatives for his son. He began to try using improvised patches and even leaving the wounds free and combining them with natural products.

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One in four people worldwide react negatively to the chemicals and plastics in common band-aids. They also create shocking amounts of waste that do not go away, even those made of cloth have microplastics that fall into the water never to dissolve. Patch offers a real solution to these two problems: better for the skin, better for the planet.

Patch Strips is certified vegan, and microplastic free. It is internationally recognized as a certified B corporation, the highest standard given to social corporations.