How do you score billiards?

How do you score billiards?

Shooting ball

Have you ever heard the word “pool”? Well, American billiards is also known as pool. And it consists of a table with 6 holes or pockets located in the four corners and in the central part of each of the longest sides of the table. In these pockets the balls must be introduced following the rules specified for each type of game mode.

The 2 players or teams use all 15 balls in the set. The objective of each team is to pocket (pocketing) the balls that correspond to it, smooth or striped, and then at the end, to do the same with the black ball and thus achieve the victory.

> All the tricks to win all the billiard gamesParticipants must hit the cue ball with the cue stick so that the cue ball also hits the specific type of ball assigned to each player. If not, the player will lose his turn at the table and his opponent will have the opportunity to hit the cue ball twice in a row.

When do you have 2 shots in billiards?

If a player before or after hitting the object ball accidentally makes contact (by means of any element of the game) with another ball, it is considered a foul, and all fouls are penalized with two shots. If a player fouls, the opponent will shoot twice.

How to play carom billiards?

It is considered a carom when the cue ball hits the other two balls in the same shot. But to be valid, the cue ball must have hit at least three rails, which may be different or repeated, before hitting the second ball. The player continues his turn until he misses or fouls.

How do you get lost in billiards?

A player loses the game if he commits any of the following infractions: a) Fouls by pocketing the 8-ball. b) Pockets the 8-ball when he has not yet pocketed all the balls in his group. c) Pockets the 8-ball in a pocket other than the pocket announced.

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How to play carom billiards

Before the initial serve of each game, the player who serves has to choose one of the corner pockets at the foot of the table as his target pocket for that game. His opponent must then accept the other corner pocket at the foot of the table as his target pocket for that game.

When you have ball in hand behind the head string and all remaining balls are also behind the head string, the ball closest to the head string may be positioned at your request.    If two or more balls are at equal distance from the head line, you can choose the ball to be spotted.

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What is carom billiards called?

French billiards or carom is a variant of the game of billiards, which is played using a pool cue and 3 balls, on a billiard table without pockets. The purpose of the game is to use the ball assigned to the player to touch the other two balls and make a carom.

What happens if you hit the 8-ball?

Shooting the 8-ball on the break grants the victory. The foul does not mean ball in hand, but the opposing player gets two shots. When the foul consists of pocketing the cue ball, the cue ball shall be placed at any point on the head string at the option of the player who pockets the cue ball.

Where to put black billiard ball?

When only the black ball is left on the table, players must pocket it in the pocket diametrically opposite to the one in which they pocketed their last ball. In case the hole is the same for both players, the last player must pocket in the opposite hole.

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Free carom billiard rules

We can play french billiards, 8-ball, snooker, etc. The truth is that there are many billiard modalities and ways to play.    Although there are hundreds of different modalities, we are going to talk about the most known modalities.

Among them, we highlight the artistic billiards or fantasy, French billiards or carom, snooker and pool or American billiards. These are some of the most known and practiced modalities all over the world.

One of the most spectacular modalities is the artistic billiards, besides being one of the most difficult. We can say that attending one of these events can become a real spectacle. This modality consists of a program of 100 compulsory figures. These are divided into 10 sets of 10 figures each. You have to do them making as few mistakes as possible to get more points.

Playing carom billiards is another of the most famous modalities that we can find nowadays. The objective is to make the player touch the other two balls with his ball and try to place the balls. In this way, the player must try to chain the shots to make as many as possible.

What is billiards and how is it played?

Billiards is a precision sport played by driving a variable number of balls (formerly made of ivory) with a cue on a table with a cloth-covered slate top, surrounded by bands of elastic material and with or without pockets. It had the Olympic charter for the 2004 Olympic Games.

What’s in a billiard table?

The standard way of playing billiards has 16 balls divided as follows: 15 object balls and a cue ball. The carom is played with 3 balls, which can be two white and one red ball or one white, one yellow and one red ball.

What are the rules of pool billiards?

Objective of the game:

This announced shot game is played with a cue ball and fifteen balls numbered from 1 to 15. One of the players must pocket the low group (1 to 7) and his opponent, the high group (9 to 15). THE PLAYER WHO FIRST POCKETS THE BALLS OF HIS GROUP, AND THEN POCKETS THE EIGHT, WINS THE GAME.

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Mexican billiards rules

Winning strokes are obtained by pocketing alternately red and colored balls until there are no red balls left. Then the colored balls are pocketed in increasing order of points (from yellow to black).

9. The colors become “ON” balls in ascending order of their value (yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black). Once pocketed, they remain off the table (except as provided in the following paragraph).

4. If in the case of black or pink, the space between its own point of placement and the nearest part of the top rail is occupied, the color shall be placed as close as possible to its point of placement on the center line of the table below this point of placement.

Example 2: there is snooker on the green ball after an opponent’s foul, if the player designates the pink ball and pockets it, he scores three points and the pink ball is placed back on its spot before the player does not normally pocket the green.

If the referee considers that they are approaching a Pat position, he will warn the players that if the situation does not change quickly, he must declare the round null and void. The round must be repeated in the same order of play.