Did Ron Carter play with Miles Davis?

Did Ron Carter play with Miles Davis?

Question & Answer – Pat Metheny (1990)

In 1960 he recorded his first albums, including one under his leadership entitled Where?  In 1961 he had his first experience of “life on the road”, as he put it, with Bobby Timmons’ trio, with whom he also recorded his first album.

Together with Hancock and several important jazz artists he participates in the recording of the soundtrack of the film Round Midnight. With the composition of Call Sheet Blues he wins his first Grammy, an honor he repeats again in 1994 with his participation in the album A tribute to Miles.

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Herbie Hancock formed the Headhunters with Bennie Maupin; Shorter and Zawinul formed Weather Report with Jaco Pastorius; McLaughlin, the Mahavishnu Orchestra with Jean Luc Ponty, Jerry Goodman, Rick Laird, Jan Hammer and Cobham; Chick Corea formed the band Return to Forever with Stanley Clarke, among many others; Dreams by the brothers Randy and Michael Brecker, etcetera.

In 1986, Miles Davis leaves Columbia Records for Warner and releases Tutu, an album that is a great success. The style of arranger and bassist Marcus Miller permeates Tutu and also the following album, Amandla, released in 1989.

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I don’t feel nostalgic when I play with the band because I think about who I am at that moment and what I’m going to do in the next moment. But I know that the influences from my past haven’t left me, they’re there inside me. That’s not to say that I’m interested in looking at the past, but the past is still part of my being.

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Not very much, I confess. People often call me or ask me if I’ve heard that artist, and very often I have to look it up and find out. It turns out that now there are so many things to listen to and also so many other things that attract me, like technology, human relations or interculturality… Besides, being a Unesco ambassador I have a perfect platform to explore events that serve to bring concord to humanity.

Now is the most complicated time humanity has experienced in a long time, especially because of a vital issue such as climate change. Moreover, with the announced proliferation of robots, the future of work for many people will appear very bleak, with little hope and few opportunities. And this is the moment when we have to turn it around.

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Bill Johnson organized in 1911 the Original Creole Jazz Band of New Orleans. He played bowed double bass and one night his bow broke, so he was forced to pluck the strings. That effect seemed so novel and interesting that the jazz double bass has been played in pizzicato ever since. This story told by veteran New Orleans jazzmen may be an invention, but it is true as soon as it became a tradition.

Blanton’s successors in the be bop era, apart from Pettiford, were Ray Brown, Charles Mingus and then outstanding names such as Milt Hinton, George Duvidier, Red Mitchel, Curtis Counce, Paul Chambers, Percy Heath, Scott LaFaro, Charlie Haden and so on until today, when we could include the electric bass with representatives such as Stanley Clarke or the great Jaco Pastorius: “I play the bass as if I were playing with a human voice. I play like I talk”.

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Paradox, irony or chance, the result was that the classical world lost a cellist but the jazz world gained an extraordinary double bass player. In Detroit he oriented his career to the realm of joyful noise and soon joined a band with which he played his first gig: