Can we get procreate for free?

Procreate enrollment

Genetic counseling allows people to understand how genetic diseases can affect them or their family. Genetic diseases (also called “genetic disorders”) are caused by changes in genes.

The results of genetic testing are not always absolutely clear. In some cases, just because there is a change in genes does not mean that a person will definitely have a genetic disease. Also, the same gene change could cause a mild disease in one person but a more severe disease in another.

Working with a genetic counselor can help people get important information about genetic diseases. The counselor is there to be supportive as people make their own decisions. They understand that what is right for one person or family may not be right for another.

If you need a genetic counselor, talk to your doctor or check online at the National Society of Genetic Counselors. You can also find more information on the Internet:

How do I know if I am a beneficiary of the procrear plan?

How to find out if you have been drawn in Procrear

If you wish to find out the results of the year-end draw for Casa Propia and Procrear II, you must access and consult the search engine to find out who was drawn according to province.

How much is the amount of procrear 2021?

They explained that this amount, updated to 2021, “is equivalent to $ 5425 million, which would allow the construction of around 1100 housing units”.

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How do I contact procreate?


Procrear construction

Although the National Administration of Social Security provides information on these financings, and also contributes funds, the registration must not be made before this organism. We thought it appropriate to clarify this issue due to the frequent inquiries we have received regarding this matter.

The corresponding registration in order to be part of the lists of people among which the possibility of accessing the Procrear program will be drawn, as we stated before, is made through the Internet. The credit holder must provide his/her personal data (name, surname, zip code, province, city, CUIT number, National Identity Card and marital status), and has the possibility of adding a co-signer, who may be his/her spouse, for example.

Since the credits are very specific depending on the budget, the amount, the destination, among other things, unfortunately at the moment there is no mortgage credit simulator for the Procrear or Casa Propia programs. However, we understand from El Mejor Trato the importance of being able to calculate installment values and that is why in our site you will be able to make online quotations without any delay and without any commitment.

How to enroll in procrear 2021?

How to sign up for Procrear 2021? To sign up, it is necessary to access the official website of the Procrear II program and from the site follow the steps until you reach the form where the user must complete and send it from this Thursday until next Monday, December 20.

How do I know if I have benefited from Procrear 2021?

The Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat has made available to interested parties a website through which they can check if they are beneficiaries of the Procrear 2021 plan.

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How do I know if I have been drawn in Procrear refaccion?

Those who signed up for the Procrear program, intended for the construction or renovation of single-family homes of up to 60 square meters, will be able to consult the official website of the National Government for the results of the draw once the registration period is over. procrear

a) Personal documents of the applicant and of the whole cohabiting family group (LE, LC, DNI, CI) (photocopy of the applicant’s and spouse’s documents of sheets Nº 1 and 2 and of all those with change of address).

– The family group must accredit monthly income between one and four Minimum Vital and Mobile Minimum Wages, according to the operation to which it has access – Constitute a stable family group of cohabitants, in which at least two of those who compose it are united by matrimonial, consensual or consanguineous ties, in ascending, descending or collateral line of first degree, constituting a community unit of consumption.

*Physical or mental disability of the head of household or any member of the family group. Complementary documentation required by the Provincial Council of the Disabled (Law Nº 2055-Art. 53.) must be completed.

How much is the installment of the ProCreAr plan?

According to the Procrear 2020 website, for loans of 100,000 pesos, the down payment will be 2,698 pesos per month, and the loan must be paid in 120 months (10 years). For loans of 250,000 pesos, the payment term is the same, but the down payment is 6,746 pesos.

How are the installments of the ProCreAr plan?

This credit is established in UVA for 30 years with an interest rate of 3.5 percent, the lowest in the market. With other banks the loan will have an installment of around $4,000 with a term of 15 years and an interest rate of up to 8 percent.

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How much do I have to earn to sign up for ProCreAr?

Have income from formal jobs, Retirement and/or Pensions. The sum of the net monthly income of the family group must be between $25,000 and $175,000. Be between 18 and 68 years old at the time of enrollment.

My anses procrear

Primera Casa BA is the mortgage loan program launched jointly by the Housing Institute of the City of Buenos Aires (IVC) and the Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires (BCBA) in June 2012, which proposes that everyone can decide to live where it is most convenient for them.

Complete and send the forms and the affidavit. If you are one of those selected, you will be notified by e-mail of the date and time to go to the Housing Institute of the City of Buenos Aires (IVC).

Remember that if you unsubscribed from the City Government’s e-mails, you will not be able to receive the appointment confirmation e-mail, so you will have to contact 147 to indicate an alternative e-mail address.