Are hearing aids recycled?

What can I do with hearing aids that are no longer useful?

Origin and productionProduced with recycled paper and sustainable forestryMaterialsThe wide variety of packaging is created with combined materials, making it easy and affordable to recycle.

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How to convert wired headphones to wireless?

It is called amplify and it is a device that converts any of our wired headphones into wireless, with all the advantages that entails, from being able to make calls wirelessly or control the music we are calling, all thanks to the 12 hours of autonomy it has.

What can be done with unserviceable cables?

Cables go to the clean point

If the common containers are not your usual place, we can already guess what it is… The clean point! Copper is a very valuable material, and being recyclable cables, why waste all the materials that compose them, polluting in the process? Recycle!

How to join hearing aid cables?

Use a wire stripper to strip about 3 cm (1 inch) of the jacket from one end of the cable. You will see one wire for the right earphone and one for the left earphone, as well as at least one ground connection. If there are two ground connections, you will need to solder them together.

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Nowadays, technology is so advanced that we can find headphones that adapt to practically all the needs we may have. We have them, wired, wireless, clip-on, behind the neck, in-ear, external…

Remember that by taking not only your headphones, but all your electronic devices to the clean point, we prevent them from accumulating in landfills. This can have several consequences: on the one hand, waste can end up releasing toxic or highly polluting liquids and gases. On the other hand, we will not pollute the soil, and we will also save a lot of energy and raw materials.

What do the colors of the headphone cables mean?

Green: stereo line output for connecting speakers or headphones. Blue: stereo line input, for capturing sound from any source except microphones. Pink/Red: audio input, for connecting a microphone.

How are headphones made?

In general, most headphones are made of materials such as pre-molded plastic, polymers, metal and carbon. In addition, in some cases, gel inserts may be added to protect the ears or rubber bands to make them more comfortable to wear.

Where is electronic waste disposed of?

The best way to dispose of electronic devices is to go to the Punto Limpio in your city. The Punto Limpios are spaces offered by the state for the collection of a wide variety of waste.

What to do with damaged earphones

Throughout this guide, we will try to offer you the best solution to dispose of your headphones, indicating the best place to do it, that is, where to dispose of the headphones without interfering with the pollution of the planet.

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As with most non-regular waste, headphones, earphones and earphones must be taken to a clean point and deposited in the container indicated for it, the one for electrical and electronic equipment.

In most cities, if not all, there is a clean point for waste collection. You only have to consult where it is and what are the opening hours of the one in your town or the nearest town.

The electrical and electronic equipment collected at the clean point is taken to a waste treatment plant, where it is separated by components. Some of them are disassembled and others are shredded and then passed through metal filters that retain the metal components they contain.

Now that you finally know where to dispose of your headphones and how to recycle them, do not hesitate to go to your nearest recycling center to leave there all those electronic devices that you no longer use or that do not work. In this way, you will prevent them from reaching landfills, contaminating the soil or reaching rivers and seas.

Where can I go to drop off my old computer?

Vendors such as Office Depot, Best Buy and HP® accept old computers for recycling in addition to other items such as printers and printer cartridges, smartphones and tablets.

Where do you throw the old cables?

The best thing to do is to take it to the clean point closest to your residence or company, which guarantees a correct recycling and decontamination treatment. It is also the best option to prevent waste from being sent to underdeveloped countries.

Where to dispose of broken cables?

Indeed, cables are recyclable, but the most common containers are not their place. They should go to the nearest clean point or authorized manager, such as Grupo Braceli. Copper is a very valuable material and the more developed an economy is, the more copper it consumes.

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Clean points

Fortunately, recycling these devices is very simple. Thanks to the deployment of Claro’s collection points in its Customer Service Centers and strategic alliances with other companies, your cell phones, chargers, modems, routers, laptops, tablets and other unused equipment can be collected and recycled correctly.

Since 2010, this program has involved the active participation of the State, private companies and citizens in the recycling of electronic waste. To date, more than 200 companies and institutions have joined the program by recycling their electronic waste. Many of them have been recognized with the RECICLA Distinction: Recognition of Companies Committed to the Environment. Thanks to this and other initiatives, more than 600 tons of WEEE have been recycled. Learn more here.