What is professional registration dental?

What is professional registration dental?

Professional card odontologist colombia

With regard to the qualifications required to practice as a Dental Prosthetist and Dental Hygienist, this Royal Decree, in the processing of which the affected corporations and associations have been heard, is in line with the regulations established in the area of professional training by Organic Law 1/1990, of October 3, 1990, on the General Organization of the Educational System. The educational reform for Dental Hygienists and Dental Prosthetists has made it possible to establish a greater definition in their professional profiles and, in the case of Dental Hygienists, to better differentiate them from Clinical Assistants.

On the other hand, the technical and functional requirements that are established, without detriment to the competences of the Autonomous Communities, must have the character of basic standards, in accordance with the provisions of articles 149.1.16 of the Constitution and 40.7 of the General Health Law.

Dentists are qualified to carry out all preventive, diagnostic and treatment activities related to anomalies and diseases of the teeth, mouth, jaws and related tissues, both in isolated individuals and in the community. They will also be qualified to prescribe medicines, prostheses and sanitary products corresponding to the field of their professional practice.

Where do dentists register?

– Register dental professionals in the National Registry of Human Talent in Health (ReTHUS). – Issue the professional card as a unique identification of dental professionals registered in the ReTHUS.

What are dental records?

The dental record, also called the patient chart, is the official document that records all treatments performed and all patient-related communications that occur in the dentist’s office.

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How do I know if my dentist is licensed?

Recognizing whether a dentist is a member is very simple: in most reputable dental clinics, dentists usually have a plaque (issued by their dental association) displaying their professional information, e.g., their membership number, name, etc.

Sispro rethus

Dentistry, also known as stomatology, is a medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting any part of the jaw structure:

However, the dentist’s field of action also includes the study and treatment of the rest of the oral cavity, which leads them to maintain a collaborative relationship with otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists and neurologists, among other specialists:

At present, dentistry has evolved in such a way and its field of action and knowledge has expanded so much that it is impossible for a dentist to cover everything, so many specialties have emerged, among which stand out:

One of the most important consequences of this increased specialization in dentistry is the creation of multidisciplinary dental clinics, in which all services are offered by having dentists specialized in each field.

The information provided by this means can in no way replace a direct medical care service, nor should it be used for the purpose of making a diagnosis or choosing a treatment in particular cases.

What is dental service?

Dentistry, also called stomatology, is a specialty of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting any part of the jaw structure: Teeth. Gums. Periodontium.

Who monitors dentists in Colombia?

The National Dental Ethics Tribunal is an entity created by Law 35 of March 8, 1989 and regulated by Decree 491 of 1990, with headquarters in the capital of the Republic, with authority to hear the professional ethics disciplinary processes that arise due to the practice of dentistry in the country.

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What is the forensic dental record?

The branch of dentistry that deals with the proper handling and examination of dental evidence and the evaluation and presentation of dental findings that may be of interest to the judiciary.

Resolution of authorization to practice

When a dentist performs treatments without being registered, there are many possibilities that the necessary guarantees do not exist and we incur in an unnecessary risk, since we do not know if this supposed dentist is qualified to practice this profession. When dentists are not duly registered with the corresponding professional association, they generally do not comply with standardized health policies; therefore, we should doubt their knowledge and experience. We need to be aware that the risk of infection or poorly performed treatments and procedures increases exponentially when the dentist is not registered.

Recognizing whether a dentist is a member is very simple: in most reputable dental clinics, dentists usually have their professional data displayed on a plaque (issued by their dental association); for example, their membership number, name, etc. They can also provide this information at the headquarters of the dental associations in each region. In addition, there are search engines on their websites that can make this check easier.

What does a forensic odontologist do?

Forensic Odontology, part of odontology, is fundamental for the identification of a corpse or remains; in the handling of dental evidence it helps to determine the age, race or other characteristics in living or dead persons.the oral cavity is considered, due to its numerous structures, hard and soft, as a …

How do you know if a dentist is an orthodontist?

How can I know if my dentist is a specialist in orthodontics and maxillofacial orthopedics? Simple, ask for his professional license, where you will be able to see the appointment he has, or his professional title.

How do you know if a dentist is a specialist?

To verify if your dentist is a validated specialist, you can go to your country’s dental association website and search for his or her registration number, name or RNE (Registro Nacional de Especialista).

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Colombian Dental College

Attach a copy of the certificate from the Military District and a copy of the military passbook, the two documents must be attached in a single file. PDF file or image in JPG, PNG or BMP format of at least 1200 pixels.

The Professional Association will verify the veracity, integrity and authenticity of the information and documents provided by the applicant, within fifteen (15) working days following the filing, term in which the applicant must be informed about inconsistencies detected in the information or requirements not demonstrated with the supporting documents, the applicant will have a term of fifteen (15) working days from the sending of the communication, to make the corrections or clarifications that may be necessary. If upon expiration of this term, no response is received from the applicant, it shall be understood that the request has been withdrawn and shall be filed, without prejudice to the possibility of initiating a new procedure. (Decree 4192, Art. 13, numeral 2.)