What is needed to register a company?

What is needed to register a company?

How to register a company in Spain

Within the month following the day in which the obligation to file the periodic, payment or informative declarations of its own, on behalf of third parties or when there is the obligation to issue tax receipts for the activities carried out.

– The splitting legal entity to be cancelled in the RFC, must not be subject to the exercise of verification powers, must not be subject to a procedure of article 69-B of the CFF, nor have firm tax credits.

Lease or sublease subscribed by the legal entity or by a partner or shareholder, in both cases, the lessor or sublessor must be registered and active in the RFC, and when the lessor or sublessor is an individual, it must be registered in the Lease Regime.

– Legal entities and joint ventures resident in Mexico that have partners, shareholders or associates resident abroad that are not required to request their registration in the RFC, will use the following generic RFC:

Mercantile registration of a mexican company

That is why, so that you do not waste your time searching through the thousands of posts on the internet, we are going to explain all the steps to be taken so that you can understand them and be prepared to carry out this apparent odyssey.

We have the option to perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) that is, a comprehensive market study to analyze how my company will be integrated in the future and thus be able to make future decisions.

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Our next step is to register the company with the tax authorities, to do this we must go with the simple deed of incorporation of the firm and complete the 036 model, which declares the census registration that allows us to regulate our relationship with them, thus determining the taxes that we are required.

We treat the information you provide us with the purpose of sending you information, promotion and advertising related to our products and services by any means (mail, email or telephone).  Don’t worry, we won’t overwhelm you with too much information.

Setting up a company as a natural person

If you want to set up a company or expand your business in another EU country (in this case, the 28 EU member states + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) you need to know the applicable rules and the national contact point to contact in that country.

The EU makes various funds available for business start-ups. To determine which one suits your needs, go to the Startup Europe Cluben website and search for funding opportunities.

If you want to increase the visibility of your business project, register it on the European Investment Project Portal. Through the portal, you can get in touch with potential international investors.

Steps to incorporate a company as a natural person pdf

The Doing Business report states that Venezuela makes it difficult to register a company by increasing costs. The country received a score of 45.23 points, on a scale of 100, when measuring the ease of opening a new business there. Top of the list is Singapore, with 88.27 points.

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What makes Venezuela’s score low is the large number of procedures to register a company there (17 in total) and the delay of each one: it takes 144 days to start a business in that country, the study indicates.

In addition, the cost of registering a business corresponds to 49.9% of per capita income, which is quite high. In Singapore, a company can be registered in only two and a half days, with a cost that represents 0.6% of the country’s per capita income.

The first thing you should know is which are the Mercantile Registries that correspond to your jurisdiction. In Caracas there are six and each one has autonomy to establish the requirements for each procedure and define the response times. That is to say, each one asks for different papers and they take as long as they consider.

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