What is my CIS status?

What is my CIS status?

What is the cis bancario

It carries out this task mainly by conducting surveys in which people are asked their opinion on various current socio-economic and political issues (health, education, immigration, among others).

It consists of asking a series of questions on a subject to a sample of people selected following a series of scientific rules that make this sample, as a whole, representative of the general population from which it comes.

The survey is not an exam and there are no right or wrong answers; if there is a question you prefer not to answer, you may do so if you wish. You do not need any special training or knowledge to answer a survey. It is about knowing your opinion and all answers are valid; it is important to collect different visions and points of view to get the portrait of what society as a whole thinks about a topic.

How does the CIS work?

The Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) is an autonomous organization, attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Parliament and Democratic Memory, whose purpose is the scientific study of Spanish society, normally through the elaboration of periodic surveys, on the initiative of the Center …

What are the CIS barometers?

Opinion barometers are surveys of attitude scales of a periodic nature : monthly or yearly, with sociological, political and economic issues, which are organized, designed, conducted and published by state institutions with national sociological research centers, private research institutes and private research …

What is a survey and how is it applied?

A survey is a procedure within a descriptive research design in which the researcher collects data through a previously designed questionnaire, without modifying the environment or the phenomenon where the information is collected, either to deliver it in the form of a triptych, graph or table.

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The collaboration of the people selected is always voluntary but fundamental to ensure that the results of the research rigorously reflect the opinions of society as a whole.

The survey is not an exam and there are no right or wrong answers; what we are looking for is the sincere opinion on a subject. At any time, the person interviewed may choose not to answer a question if he/she wishes.

In order to know the results and analyze the opinions of citizens on the subject of the survey, the information obtained must be recorded. A data file or matrix is the structure in which the answers given by the interviewees to each question in a survey questionnaire are reflected.

People who want to analyze the results of a survey in depth usually use the data file, since this allows them to carry out any type of cross-checking of information (questions), or, for example, in the case of surveys containing information on voting intentions, to be able to test different types of estimation of the electoral results.

How are election polls conducted?

It is a technical activity that is frequently used in electoral campaigns. It is carried out on the basis of a social research, which allows to know the opinions and attitudes of a community by means of a questionnaire that is applied to a reduced group of its members, which is called “sample”.

Who runs the CIS?

José Félix Tezanos Tortajada (Santander, August 5, 1946) is a Spanish politician, sociologist, writer and professor, president of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS).

How does it work by word of mouth?

An exit poll (also known as an exit poll or Israeli poll) is a survey of voters immediately after they have left the polls.

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Cis results

In this way, we find in the barometers a series of monthly or quarterly questions related to the evaluation of the current political situation and its future evolution, the evaluation of the current economic situation and its future evolution, the evaluation of the work of the national government and of the first opposition party, the intention to vote in general elections, the vote estimation, and the ideological self-placement on a scale of graduation. Since 1996 these questions have been asked almost continuously with a similar formulation, therefore this will be the date from which we are going to study and construct the indicators, even if we have results for previous periods.

When it comes to phenomena that are measurable through a quantitative variable, such as the volume of production, the level of prices, etc., the literature offers a whole series of possibilities: simple indexes, Laspeyres or Paasche composite indexes, Fisher’s ideal index, etc.

What is the purpose of the elections?

In politics, elections are an institutional process in which voters choose with their vote, among a plurality of candidates, those who will occupy political offices in a representative democracy. … In addition, in many representative democracies, elections are called for the head of state or government.

Who would be the next president of Chile?

In the primaries of July 19, 2021, Gabriel Boric became the sole candidate of Apruebo Dignidad, obtaining 60.4% of the votes, surpassing Daniel Jadue.

What is kept in the ballot box?

Inside the URNA you must place: Ballots and envelopes of the votes counted. Certificate of scrutiny for the Electoral Board of the Province. Then you must close the ballot box with the security band, which will be signed by you, your alternate and the prosecutors who wish to do so.


On June 15, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a historic ruling in favor of equality: it ruled that people cannot be fired from their workplace because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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The decision has profound consequences not only for the United States, but also for the social imaginary of Latin America and the Caribbean, since, in addition to protecting people from explicit discriminatory acts, it implies a paradigm shift by admitting that not all workers are, nor should they be, heterosexual or cisgender (not trans).

Counterintuitive as it may seem, much of the discrimination against LGBTQ+ people inside and outside the workspace is not due to the malicious acts of individual people (although those undoubtedly exist as well and have devastating consequences), but to the many (and often subtle) ways in which companies and organizations assume and institutionalize heterosexuality.

The same is true for trans people. In this case we speak of “Cis-normativity.” “Cis” is a Greek particle meaning “on the same side of.” Cisgender” people are those whose gender identity coincides with the sex assigned at birth. In other words, “cisgender” people are those who are not trans.