What is Cifas protective registration?

What is Cifas protective registration?

Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelan Migrants as it Begins

The purpose of this document is to present the official figures and estimates that NTMI considers to be the best founded and most recent of the population born in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras currently residing in the United States.

On May 31, 2020, the General Directorate of Civil Protection, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DGPC) declared a red alert (1) at the national level based on the Special Meteorological Report No. 7, issued the same day by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), which reclassified Tropical Depression 2-E, which had started on May 28, as storm “Amanda”. The rains continued with the arrival of storm “Cristobal” on June 1 and did not stop until June 7.

IOM, together with the Intersectoral Committee for Temporary Shelters, immediately implemented the DTM methodology to establish baselines and evaluate temporary collective sites in El Salvador to support the humanitarian response of the Government, the UN Country Team and the different sectors of civil society.

What is a temporary protection permit?

Temporary Protection Permit (PPT): This is an immigration regularization mechanism and identification document that authorizes Venezuelan migrants to remain in Colombia under special immigration regularity conditions for its term of validity (10) years.

What are the benefits of RUMV?

Through this mechanism, foreign citizens who wish to stay in Colombia will be part of the social security system, have a pension and even acquire assets to rebuild their lives in Colombia.

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What are the benefits of temporary protected status?

The Temporary Protection Statute seeks to protect the migrant population that is currently in conditions of irregularity, taking into account that this is the most vulnerable population, a measure that additionally discourages irregular migration after the entry into force of the law.

Visible temporary protection status for Venezuelan migrants.

Likewise, the implementation includes the authorization, issuance, delivery, validity and cancellation of the Temporary Protection Permit (PPT), and the transition of the Special Permit to Stay (PEP), regardless of its issuance phase, including the Special Permit to Stay for the Promotion of Formalization (PEPFF).

Face-to-Face Biometric Registration. The appointment is made through a link at the end of the survey. Confirmation and appointment information will be sent to the e-mail. Three days before the scheduled appointment the Migratory Authority will send a confirmation request to the registered e-mail, and the Venezuelan immigrant must confirm his/her attendance.

The Migratory Authority will issue the mentioned permit virtually, within the following 30 days and it will be sent by e-mail. The estimated time for the physical Temporary Protection Permit (PPT) to be delivered to the holder will be 90 calendar days from the date on which its issuance is authorized.

When is the Temporary Protection Permit issued?

The Migratory Authority will issue the above mentioned permit virtually, within the following 30 days and it will be sent by e-mail.

How to obtain the special residence permit 2021?

Resolution 2359 of September 29, 2020 explains that the issuance of this document will be done online, free of charge, through the link provided by the immigration authority on its web portal http://www.migracioncolombia.gov.co, from October 15 to February 15, 2021.

How do I know if my PPT was approved?

When you enter the web page, look for the button Consult PPT Status, to check if your document is ready. When you enter, you must enter the type and number of document with which it was registered, click on Search and the system will tell you if it was approved or not.

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What is rumv for?

In this information we have told you what [email protected] consists of and what services and procedures you will be able to carry out in this new portal of the General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS). In this practical guide we will tell you how to identify yourself to access these services or enter your personal area.

Remember that, to access [email protected] you can click directly on this link or do it from the shortcuts created on the front pages of both the Web and the Electronic Headquarters or the app for Social Security mobile devices. To access your personal area, you must click on the Enter your personal area link that appears in the center of the home page or on the Personal Area link that you will see in blue letters in the upper right-hand margin. The identification methods provided are:

One of the objectives of [email protected] is to improve accessibility to the TGSS digital services, therefore any citizen who has previously communicated their telephone number to the entity will be able to identify themselves via SMS to access their personal area and all the services and procedures offered by the portal.

What are the benefits of PPT in Colombia?

What are the benefits of the PPT? Being in Colombia on a regular basis. To be able to work or start a business on a regular basis in Colombia. The time you have this document applies to apply for the resident visa in Colombia.

What are the benefits of the PPT?

What is the Temporary Protection Permit (PPT)? It is the immigration regularization mechanism provided by this statute that will serve as an identification document for migrants and refugees coming from Venezuela.

What is the benefit of the PPT?

One of the main advantages of PowerPoint is its flexibility and customization capabilities. PowerPoint’s multiple tools and resources make it a highly malleable program, since the user can use pre-designed templates and customize them according to his or her tastes and preferences.

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Visible migration colombia

According to the balance delivered by Winston Martinez, there are 1,181,059 Venezuelan citizens in the process of having the benefits of the Temporary Protection Statute, within which there are those who have the PEP and citizens with irregular migratory status who comply with the requirements of Decree 216 of 2021 where a summary proof is accredited that certifies their permanence in Colombia before January 31, 2021.

On the other hand, there are 315,643 Venezuelan citizens in irregular status who possibly entered through trails since they did not have the required documentation but who may benefit from the Statute as long as they comply with the phases that have been foreseen.

In relation to the progress in the implementation of the Statute, Martinez announced that there is a figure close to 1 ‘900,000 Venezuelan migrants. “It is an ambitious goal but we are already with 1 ‘502,672 users created in the development of the Statute. This is very important, we are almost at 85% coverage”, said Martinez.