What is a registration of charge at Companies House?

Commercial registration of a company example

Register the self-employed and companies in general, as well as the shares and relative contracts of the same, register the following entities such as investment funds, professional civil societies, mutual guarantee societies, commercial companies, etc.

To register in the commercial register there are fees that are approved by the government and published in the BOE and the tariff of the commercial registrars that is accepted by the decree 757/1973 of March 29th.

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What information is public in the Commercial Registry?

The following are registered in the Mercantile Registries: Individual entrepreneurs and companies in general, as well as acts and contracts relating to them. Specifically, the following entities are registered: … Commercial companies (public limited companies, limited liability companies, etc.).

Who works in a Commercial Registry?

This public service, the Commercial Registry, is in charge of public officials, technicians in Law, with jurisdictional faculties, that is to say, it is in charge of us, the Registrars, who have no other professional mission than to serve the Registry Justice through our …

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What is included in the Commercial Register?

The Commercial Register allows all entrepreneurs to carry out any commercial activity and to publicly prove their status as a merchant. … It contains information on the general data of traders and companies.

Mercantile Registry of Madrid

The main purpose of the mercantile registries is to serve as an instrument of publicity, since it is in this organism where the businessmen have to render accounts and deposit traces of their actions that are considered essential for the legal traffic. They compile information and publicize it for greater legal and economic security.

In this sense, in the mercantile registries are taken the minutes of creation of the company, of modification of these, capital increases, acquisitions, absorptions, secessions, appointments and changes in the administrations of the companies and deposit of the annual accounts of any company.

Who can consult the data of the Commercial Registry?

Who can consult the Commercial Registry? As it is public, it can be consulted by anyone.

What is my commercial registration number?

The commercial registration is the registration in the commercial registry of natural or legal persons that carry out commercial or mercantile activities, as well as of their commercial establishments.

Who runs the Commercial Registry?

The Commercial Registry is part of the Ministry of Economy, operates in the capital of the Republic of Guatemala and may also operate in the departments or zones determined by the Executive Branch.

Annual accounts commercial register

The Commercial Registry is the State Office, under the Ministry of Justice, for the registration of persons, things and acts relating to commercial transactions, which the interest of commerce requires to be publicized. It is governed by Arts. 16 to 24 of the Commercial Code and by Royal Decree 1784/1996, of July 19, 1996, approving the Regulations of the Commercial Registry.

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The Central Mercantile Registry is located in Madrid (C/ Príncipe de Vergara 94 – Madrid 28006 – www.rmc.es), for information purposes only. In addition, there is a Territorial Mercantile Registry in each provincial capital and in the towns where it is established for service needs.

Individual or self-employed businessmen (except shipping companies) are not obliged to register in the Mercantile Register, although they may do so voluntarily. It may be convenient for married self-employed workers, registering the data relating to the matrimonial property regime, the marriage contracts, as well as the consent, revocation or opposition of the spouse to the assignment of the common assets to the business activity.

How do I know if a name is registered in the Commercial Registry?

The prior consultation of the name may be made directly at the Registry’s headquarters by means of a printed form, by ordinary mail by sending a request or a letter, or by telematic means through the web page of the Central Mercantile Registry.

What are the effects of registration in the Commercial Registry?

The registration in the Mercantile Registry serves to record a fact, such as the incorporation of a company, and to publicize it. This registration is compulsory, except in those cases where it is expressly provided otherwise, as in the case of the individual entrepreneur, which is optional.

What services does the commercial registry provide?

Services provided

Verify and control that the name of your company is unique in the country. Make registrations, renewals or cancellations. Register acts and documents subject to registration. Request and receive online certificates of commercial registration and registration of bidders.

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Mercantile Register spain search company

The Mercantile Register is where the facts and acts relating to individual entrepreneurs and commercial companies are registered, in order to publicize them so that they can be known by the persons who contract with them.

The registration in the Commercial Registry implies, for the companies, the acquisition of their legal personality, which means that their registration in the registry is obligatory and constitutive (article 4 of the Commercial Registry Regulations).