What is a CIS registered company?


The topic of the second session of EducaPRIS, a COFEPRIS initiative, was Appointment Platform: the beginning of the process. During this session, the registration of an appointment with COFEPRIS was explained step by step, given that the aim is the total digitalization of the processes. Last August 31, the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) published on its official website a guide, a tutorial and frequently asked questions about the new process to enter procedures and other services, available as of September 1, 2020.  What are the implications of the new system?

How to register the change of license plate of your vehicle?

Technical studies and follow-up of works for the use and exploitation of the right of way for marginal facilities and construction of crossings on surfaced roads and state paved highways.

Inscriptions related to the operations by which a property is divided, divided, subdivided, segregated, merged, lotified or relotified, as well as the division of co-ownership and constitution of condominium property regime.

Application for a sanitary license for pesticide, plant nutrient and toxic or hazardous substance establishments -Modality B.- for an establishment that manufactures, formulates, mixes or packages pesticides and/or plant nutrients.

Application for a sanitary license for pesticides, plant nutrients and toxic and hazardous substances establishments. Modality A.- For urban fumigation, disinfection and pest control services.

Information: Tax Incorporation Regime

When the citizen or company intends to open a business or renew its operating license (this procedure regularly applies to medium and high risk companies as well as educational institutions).

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When the holder of the right requires to request the cancellation of his personal data from the files, records, files and systems of the responsible party, so that they are no longer in his possession. At any time, the Data Subject or his representative may request before the Transparency Unit the access, rectification, cancellation or opposition regarding the Processing of Personal Data concerning him.

To individuals and / or legal entities, who are interested in being part of the Register of Suppliers and be able to submit their proposals in the bidding processes in procurement of services or goods.

How to know your Socioeconomic Classification according to SISFOH

By affiliating them to the Compensation System, you not only comply with a legal requirement, but you also provide your workers with greater opportunities, access to services and subsidies that help families to progress; it is a contribution to the welfare that is reflected in the improvement of their quality of life.

In accordance with the provisions of the current regulations, if the worker has not provided the necessary evidence to prove that he/she is entitled to the family subsidy, the corresponding monthly installment expires the following month, as long as the employer has paid the legal contributions in a timely manner.

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