What brand is Hansa?


Under the HAG brand, a voiturette, the first model of the German brand, was produced at the Varel plant, with a 9 HP De Dion Bouton engine with cardan shaft in the transmission. This was a technological breakthrough at the time.

The same as the Borgward brand. But the two brands, from the same consortium, had different representatives. The Hansa brand had Goliath Hansa Argentina as local manufacturer. While the Borgward brand was represented by Dinborg, the union of DINFIA (Dirección Nacional de Fabricaciones e Investigaciones Aeronáuticas) and Borgward Argentina.

Corporate Video Bosch de Hansa Ltda.

The Industry & Construction Division of Hansa Ltda. was born in 1960, initially under the name of “Technical Section”. Since then, this Division has diversified and grown to become one of the leading companies in the distribution of industrial and construction equipment in Bolivia. From its beginnings until today, this Division has been characterized by the commercialization of worldwide recognized brands, offering an excellent technical support to its customers, in terms of advice, training, spare parts and technical service.

To be the experts in the commercialization of products for Industry and Construction through a multi-channel strategy, differentiating ourselves by our market coverage, advice and technical service.

As our Mission states, we strive to provide solutions that help improve productivity in the industry, provide speed in construction sites and safety for users of machines and tools.

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Hansa-Automobil Gesellschaft mbH was a German automobile brand established in 1905, which in 1914 merged with Norddeutsche Automobil und Motoren AG (NAMAG) to form Hansa-Lloyd-Werke AG. From 1929 to 1931 it was taken over by the Borgward Group. Hansa was headquartered in Hastedt, just outside Bremen.

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Most Hansa/Lloyd cars manufactured during this period were sold as Hansa, with the name Hansa-Lloyd mainly associated with commercial vehicles, with the exception of the Treff-Aß and Trumpf-Aß. In 1929, the company was integrated into the Borgward Group after the purchase of Hansa by Carl F. W. Borgward, and automobile production ceased.

Until 1937, the Hansa-Lloyd brand was used on various commercial vehicles (trucks and buses), from the one-ton “Express” to the five-ton “Merkur”. These models were largely replaced by Borgward-branded vehicles, with some models sold only with the “Hansa” badge still in 1938.[8] In 1938, the “Hansa-Lloyd” brand name was still used on the “Hansa-Lloyd”.

Hansa expands its stand at Expocruz and introduces

Hansa was born in 1907 when Mr. Guillermo Kyllmann decided to invest in Bolivia to start a commercial venture. At that time the division was called Mercaderías and was dedicated to importing fabrics from Europe and distributing them in several cities in the country. In the following decades it consolidated its presence in Bolivia and gained the trust of customers and suppliers for its professionalism and seriousness in doing business.

Something that the division has not lost in this process of growth, is the focused and personalized attention to each supplier, with the objective of developing with professionalism the growth and strengthening of their brands and products. We distribute high quality products that comply with all quality standards and good manufacturing practices.

In all the channels in which we participate we will have a solid horizontal coverage as well as strategic alliances with the main customers. Our differentiation will be given through a high level of service, enhancing our customers’ business.

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