How do you check a caravan isnt stolen?

How do you check a caravan isnt stolen?

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Temperatures are starting to rise and campers are already thinking about their next getaway. Whether aboard a motorhome, a camper or camping caravan, the season for leisure vehicles has arrived and with it some doubts about their regulation. Today we will talk about the technical inspection and discover some curiosities of the ITV for caravans.

If you have just bought a caravan and you don’t know which beach campsite suits you best, let this list of some campsites on the Mediterranean coast advise you. It is also possible that you have doubts about the ideal car to tow the little house with wheels; in this case, you will find in this link the most used cars for towing caravans.

Once solved all the doubts about the purchase of a caravan or motorhome, second-hand or new, it is time to comply with the regulation that certifies its safety to travel. We are talking about the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), which we as drivers know all too well and from which we will not escape when acquiring a motor home.

How do you check a caravan isnt stolen? online

Once we have decided the type of caravan, we must know how much weight our car can drag, which we can know by looking at the technical data sheet of the caravan in the MMR box. To know what is the weight of the caravan we must look for the box MMA in the green technical card of the caravan. It must not exceed the MMR of the car.

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1) Test the caravan current to 220 v (home and camping) and 12 v hooked to the car. Check lights, flashing lights, brakes, refrigerators and water pumps, plugs, lamps, gas fires, sinks…. Everything that can be connected and can fail.

6) It is advisable to have a stabilizer. It is an adapter that connected to the hitch prevents the caravan from moving the car with its oscillation. If it does not have nothing happens unless our car is lighter than the caravan. Then it will make driving more difficult.

How do you check a caravan isnt stolen? 2021

A hidden defect is a serious defect that affects the vehicle and that is not in sight, which makes it unfit for use or significantly diminishes its value, in such a way that if the buyer had known about it, he would not have made the transaction or would have paid a lower price.

“The seller shall be bound to make good any hidden defects in the thing sold, if they render it unfit for the use for which it is intended, or if they so diminish its use that, had the buyer known them, he would not have acquired it or would have paid less for it; but he shall not be liable for defects which are manifest or which are in plain view, nor for those which are not, if the buyer is an expert who, by reason of his trade or profession, should easily know them”.

The buyer has a period of 6 months from the delivery of the vehicle to demand the remedy of the defects or hidden defects, and the fact that they were not known by the seller himself does not exempt him from the remedy. In other words, the buyer may require the seller to remedy a defect that even the seller himself was not aware of at the time he sold the vehicle, which, in his opinion, was in perfect working order.

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How do you check a caravan isnt stolen? 2022

For the moment, there is no record that the motorhome has been located. However, Charly’s owner, who was desperately looking for it in the surroundings of As Cabazas, has been able to rest with his pet.

Good proof of the importance of the citizen collaboration that, since it was called by the Local Police, turned to try to locate the animal, managing to seal this story with the joy of Charly and his owner, in what became the most awaited reunion of yesterday afternoon in Ferrolterra.