Does a caravan require an MOT?

Does a caravan require an MOT?

Traveling in a caravan

Therefore, they will be considered as category M. If we are talking about vans, the frequency of inspection of these vehicles will be determined by the category of homologation of the vehicle, either M or N. In those vehicles in which

As in any type of vehicle, in order to pass the ITV, in addition to having the documentation in order, caravans and motorhomes must comply with a series of technical requirements. In caravans, the fundamental elements that are checked are brakes, wheels, axles and lights.

The technical requirements are checked to ensure that the tire measurements match those on the technical data sheet and that they are not worn or out of date. In the case of axles, the trailer wheels are checked for looseness. In addition, the maximum weights are checked to ensure that they match those indicated in the technical data sheet.

In the case of motorhomes, one of the most important aspects that are checked in the ITV is the gas installation, both vents and the state of the rubber (that it is in good condition and that it is not expired). Likewise, the lights, which must work correctly in all directions, the pilots and the weight of the motorhome are checked.

What do they ask you to pass the ITV to a caravan?

Like all non-light trailers over 750 kg, caravans will have their first MOT 6 years after the first registration, and then every two years. As we have said, those of less than 750 kg. will not pass the ITV, but still we will have to maintain them in good condition to circulate in a safe way.

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How much does it cost to pass the ITV of a caravan?

Passing the ITV to a motorhome costs the same as doing it with a car if it does not exceed 3,500 kg of MMA. In the case of caravans, the same applies, as the price is equivalent to that of a trailer. In any case, it will oscillate between 30 and 60 euros depending on the place where it is passed.

When to pass ITV motorhome?

Periodicity of motorhomes

The current regulation establishes that the first ITV will be at 4 years, then at 6 years, then at 8 years. The next one at 10 years and then, as mentioned above, every year or every six months, depending on the corresponding category.

Itv consultation

There are more and more users who choose to buy a caravan or motorhome in order to enjoy their free days and travel in a caravan is an experience, but it is important to pay special attention to safety, which undoubtedly passes the Technical Inspection of Vehicles, ITV.

Before making the decision to buy any type of motorhome or caravan, it is important to know that not all of them are obliged to pass the examination of the elements that are checked in the ITV, since those with a MMA of less than 750 kg are exempt from this inspection. The same happens with trailers; light trailers do not pass the ITV, while heavy trailers do.

As far as the price of the Technical Inspection of Vehicles is concerned, the autonomous community in which you live will have a lot to do with it. The price of the ITV of the motorhomes is usually similar to that of the cars, whereas that of the caravans oscillates between 30 and 60 Euros. Also it is necessary to bear in mind that not all the stations pass revisions for caravans for what before approaching the chosen station, it will be due to consider this.

What type of vehicle is a caravan?

A caravan is also known as a mobile home or motor home, and is a type of enclosed trailer vehicle composed of basic furnishings inside resembling a mobile home or house. … It is abbreviated as ‘RV’, which stands for recreational vehicle.

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Where to put the ITV caravan sticker?

Where to place the ITV sticker

In the case of vehicles with windshields, the sticker shall be placed on the upper right-hand corner of the windshield on the inside. The printed side of the sticker shall be self-adhesive. In the rest of the vehicles, the badge shall be placed in a clearly visible place.

Which motorhomes undergo an MOT every 6 months?

The periodicity to pass the ITV depends on the category of your van, located in field J of the technical data sheet. And you have to know that from the new ITV Law now the Campers older than 10 years will pass the ITV every 6 months. In the case of mixed vehicles, they will have their first ITV after two years.

Itv trailers

The price will depend on the autonomous community in which we are, but the price of the ITV for caravans is usually similar to that of cars. The price will also vary if it is a second revision due to failure of the first one, in some communities you may be charged an extra if the result has been unfavorable or negative.

Do not miss any of the news and changes of the ITV 2018, because it will be from next May 20 when the new measures to achieve a healthier and less polluted world come into force.

How much horsepower should a motorhome have?

The engine and the chassis

It is important to take a motorhome with at least 120 hp of power, not to run more but to be able to climb mountain passes comfortably at 90-100 km per hour, it is a point to take into account, although there are power chips that can make up for the lack of about 20-30 more horses.

How to register a caravan?

The registration of the trailer is independent from that of the tractor, it is a red license plate, type “R 0000 BBB” (12-20 euros). To register the trailer, you must present the documentation provided by the manufacturer and pay the registration tax.

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What is a caravan green card?

Therefore, we can state that the Green Card is an International Certificate of Motor Liability Insurance. The document does not provide insurance coverage in itself, but having it in force proves the existence of Civil Liability insurance.

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We make you a summary of the peculiarities of passing the Technical Inspection of Vehicles in caravans and motorhomes. In this article you will find information about the price, the periodicity, the points that are checked and the fines related to the ITV.

Not all the caravans are obliged to pass the ITV. Only those with a maximum authorized mass (MMA) of more than 750 kg must pass it. If your caravan does not exceed this MMA, it does not have to undergo this periodic inspection.

From June 1, 2021, the modifications that the General Directorate of Traffic will apply to the Technical Inspection of Vehicles will come into force, mainly focused on the fines related to this.

Unlike the unfavorable ITV that allows driving from the ITV station to the workshop and back to the station, the negative ITV entails the complete immobilization of the vehicle. A negative ITV can be caused by several faults, including brake failures, fuel leaks, tire failures, etc.