Do I need a CIS card to be self-employed?

Do I need a CIS card to be self-employed?

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Workers affected by ERTE will continue to have access to unemployment benefits without a waiting period, even if they have not contributed the minimum amount required. In addition, the so-called ‘zero counter’ will be maintained, so that the period consumed will not be computed until January 2022. The benefit will be equivalent to 70% of the regulatory base, as at present.

The most important new features of this extension are based on facilitating administrative procedures, such as, for example, to go from an ERTE of limitation to one of impediment and vice versa, as well as the fact that the unemployment benefits of the workers affected by the extension do not have to be processed again. In addition, the group of sectors considered to be most affected by the pandemic, which is broader after the decree to support the hotel and catering industry, has changed slightly: three activities have been added (camp sites and caravan parks, rental of means of navigation, and physical maintenance activities) and three others have been removed (carpet manufacture, cold drawing and manufacture of musical instruments).

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The entrepreneur’s path is not an easy one. However, there are solutions that can somehow help to remove certain obstacles, such as, for example, loans. A loan for entrepreneurs can be that definitive push that is needed to get a business off the ground. But what are…

“Don’t do it. Your chances of success are practically nil.” This phrase or a similar one is the first thing every self-respecting entrepreneur has heard in offices, banks and offices when explaining their business project. Nobody said that creating a project from scratch?

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How many times have you attended this debate about the pros and cons of ‘being your own boss’? There are certain professions in which more and more people are opting to stop being salaried employees and become self-employed. It means freedom, yes, but also a lot of responsibilities.  Welcome…

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Currently, the electronic communication is done directly by the hospital, which is in charge of registering the baby in the Registry after the parents complete and sign the relevant questionnaire, which includes the medical report of the birth stamped by the hospital, the identity documents of the parents and other necessary documentation. All this documentation will be sent telematically from the health center to the Civil Registry.

If the hospital does not have the necessary technology to carry out the telematic registration in the Civil Registry, then the parents will have no choice but to do it in person. In this case, the registration can be done at the Civil Registry of the place of birth or at the place where the parents live. The documentation to bring is:

-If the registration is requested at the Civil Registry of the parents’ domicile other than the locality of birth, a certificate provided by the hospital indicating that the registration of the newborn has not been promoted at the Civil Registry of the locality of birth must also be presented.

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This disruption has affected the economy through different channels: a disruption of supply as a consequence of the interruption of supply chains, a disruption of demand caused by a decrease in consumers’ habitual purchases, the negative effect of uncertainty on investment plans and the impact of liquidity restrictions for companies.

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Pursuant to the provisions of article 2.3 of the aforementioned Royal Decree, it is established that the delegated competent authorities are empowered to issue, by delegation of the National Government, the orders, resolutions and provisions for the application of the provisions of articles 5 to 11.

Subsequently, last November 3, Royal Decree 956/2020 was approved, extending the state of alarm declared by Royal Decree 926/2020, dated October 25, which extends the application of the measures established from 00:00 hours on November 9, 2020 until 00:00 hours on May 9, 2021.