Can my son join brownies?

Can my son join brownies?


Es entre semana, así que estamos cerca del fin de semana, pero yo quería escribir algo más esta semana .. Hace unas semanas encontré la receta más fácil para brownies en Pinterest y quería compartirla con todos ustedes .. todo lo que se necesita es 3 ingredientes! ¡¡¡Estamos a mitad de semana así que estamos cerca del fin de semana pero quería publicar algo más esta semana.. hace unas semanas encontré la receta más fácil para brownies en Pinterest y quería compartirla con todos ustedes.. todo lo que se necesita es 3 ingredientes!!!

En la foto de arriba he añadido una tableta de chocolate que me traje de Sudáfrica en mi reciente viaje allí, es probablemente mi chocolate favorito a saber: ¡Peppermint Crisp, es básicamente chocolate a la menta pero diferente El caso es que podéis utilizar cualquier tableta de chocolate que os guste!

La Divina Comida – Fernando Paulsen, Antonia Bosman

This time it was my daughter who played the role of my chef, or was it the other way around? I can only say that I went from directing the operation to stirring, spatula in hand. Not even the serving tray can choose. But I assure you that, for how quickly they disappeared, it was worth it.

Can you think of any situation in which you do not want to taste this recipe for dark chocolate brownies and hazelnuts? Me neither. For snack or breakfast. With milk, alone or with cocoa cream. I assure you that either way these brownies are just as delicious.

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Nutella and Oreo Brownie | Quiero Cupcakes!

This is the ice cream shop of the Belgian chef Mathieu Michel, where they have more than 200 different flavors, all 100% handmade and prepared with natural ingredients. You have to try them, because their smooth and creamy texture makes them completely addictive.

They also have options for vegans, such as those with chocolate of origin, including the one from Ecuador, with 71% cocoa and a bitter taste, or some made with almond or hazelnut milk, which you can order in half-liter pots ($ 6,000 plus four cones) or liter pots ($ 11,000 plus six cones).

Artisanal and 100% vegan flavors is what you will find in La Gelatería del Barri, a place that opened in 2019 in the beautiful Victoria Subercaseaux street, in front of the Santa Lucía hill, and that today moved just a few meters, to the place that is right on the corner: in Alameda 395.

Some not to be missed? The tumbo, an elongated Altiplanic fruit, very similar to the passion fruit; or the Pica lemon. They also have mango or “cocho”, which is what they call there the preparation of toasted flour with hot water.

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