Can I get a copy of my VAT certificate online?

Can I get a copy of my VAT certificate online?


Art. 3 of the Organic Law of the General Directorate of Internal Taxes, Legislative Decree 451 of February 22, 1990, published in the Official Gazette No. 56, Volume No. 306, of March 7, 1990.

Applies to all those taxpayers, Individuals and Legal Entities, who do not have the requirements detailed above or who wish to enable options related to the reception of the Acceptance of the Terms of Registration of Services through the Internet.

Applies to those taxpayers Individuals who wish to qualify as Authorized Notary for the filing of the Real Estate Transfer Tax Return F09.

How to obtain a certificate of good standing in SII?

– Instructions for the procedure at the Branch Office

Request the indicated form, then go to the information and index section explaining the reason for your visit: to request a certificate of good standing of a company from the commercial registry. Pay the value of the document.

What is the VAT certificate?

The Value Added Tax (VAT) Certificate is an official certificate, issued by the Tax Agency, which certifies the total VAT accrued and the total VAT charged for a given year, as well as the final result of the self-assessments and the total volume of transactions carried out.

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What is the SII online certificate?

Allows taxpayers to: Enter and register in one of the two electronic invoicing systems. Make inquiries, returns and rectifications securely and privately on the SII website. Sign tax documents electronically, giving them greater authenticity.

VAT returns

Natural and legal persons (Suppliers, Contractors and Municipal Councilors) who have entered into a contract with an entity of the Central Administration or with a Local Development Fund, or who have made a vehicle transfer payment in the SIM (Integral Services for Mobility), may obtain their Certificate of Discounts and Withholdings through the following means:

The issuance of the certificate can also be made by the entities that make up the Central Administration and the Local Development Funds, since they make use of the Treasury’s information system. The District Treasury Directorate enabled the users of the information system of these Entities, so that through the Extranet and BogData platforms they have access to the generation of the Discount and Withholding Certificates.

How to make a certificate of contract validity?

The certificate of good standing can only be obtained at a notary’s office and you must go to the notary’s office with your employer (who hires you) or a legal representative of the company.

How to obtain a VAT certificate?

To obtain a certificate or a copy of a Form 29 return online, you must access the option Consult return status, available in the Online Services section, Monthly Taxes menu, “Consultation and follow-up (F29 and F50)”, of the SII website.

How to obtain a VAT exemption certificate?

To request the certificate of exclusion from the VAT withholding, perception and/or payment on account regimes, you must enter the service “Certificates of Exclusion Ret/Perception of VAT and Certificates of Exclusion Perception of VAT – Customs”, which will issue an acknowledgement of receipt.

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Internal Revenue Service

The Digital Certificate (CD) is, in simple words, the virtual identity card of each person. This electronic file, which can be transported by e-mail or in a pendrive, provides an additional level of security and privacy to the taxpayer when carrying out procedures and transactions over the Internet.

Important: The Digital Certificate is for PERSONAL USE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE, do not share it. The applications of Electronic Invoice allow to operate with one or several users, where each one must use its personal Digital Certificate.

Who is eligible for the taxable person?

Reverse charge occurs when it is the recipient who must comply with the tax obligations relating to VAT, as stipulated in Article 84.2 of the VAT Law. In other words, it is the customer who is responsible for the self-assessment of the VAT on the invoice.

What is the solemn certificate?

Definition of Solemn Certificate in the legal-tax context: Official document of the SII that certifies the receipt of a declaration, notice or request on the website of the Internal Revenue Service.

What is the SII Solemn Certificate?

This Solemn Certificate allows you to have full certainty that the Declaration was sent and, with this document you certify the fulfillment of this obligation and in the future it is useful to carry out any procedure. … To see this example see the Income Tax Return Proposal Demonstration.

How to print a monthly vat return

The taxpayers of these taxes must make the consultations for extensive control procedures (Debts and omissions) and the procedures for the lifting of CVA Observations and Inhibitions of Printing Certificates through the Request to start procedures in Online Services/Procedures (no login required).

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Affidavits may be submitted through Online Services, and in certain cases by sending the documentation through the new “Request to initiate proceedings” service in Online Services/Proceedings.

Credit applications may be made through Online Services for all eligible sources (Credit Certificates – Application), and for all other cases by sending the documentation through the new “Request to initiate proceedings” service in Online Services/Proceedings.

The delivery of paper credit certificates in Montevideo is done in person with a previous agenda; in the interior of the country, each office will contact the taxpayer in order to coordinate the delivery.