Can I claim VAT while waiting for registration?

Can I claim VAT while waiting for registration?

VAT refund for the purchase of a vehicle

Once a claim form has been filled out, the establishment will give the consumer the original form (white) so that the user can process it as well as the green copy (copy for the consumer), keeping the pink one.

Once the complaint is received and registered in a Consumer body (City Council, Autonomous Community), it will verify that it is the competent body to process it. Failing this, it will transfer it to the competent body, informing the user of this.

If it is the competent body, it will check that the facts denounced by the consumer complainant are consumer matters (if it is a question of health, transport, banking or insurance, for example, there are other bodies and complaint mechanisms already created).

Otherwise, the claimant will be notified so that, within a certain period of time, he/she may correct the deficiencies found, warning him/her that if he/she fails to do so, the claim will be filed.

Through mediation: in this case the Consumer Agency will try, on the one hand, that the parties (claimant and claimed) reach an amicable solution and, on the other hand, to clarify the facts that motivate the claim.

How much is the VAT refund for Senior Citizens 2021?

As of January 2021, the maximum monthly VAT refund amount for personal consumption goods and services is USD 96.

How much is the VAT refund for Senior Citizens 2020?

Upon reaching 65 years of age, individuals are entitled to a VAT refund. As of January 2020, the maximum monthly refund amount that can be requested is USD 96.

How to apply for the 2021 VAT refund?

There are two ways: Consult the web page where you can type in your ID number and it will show you whether or not you are a beneficiary of the VAT refund program.

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Automatic refund of credit balances 2021

When issuing a Credit Note for refund after more than 3 months, the same requirements must be complied with as with normal Credit Notes, and therefore the VAT and the rest of the components must be specified.

Since the computation of the 3-month period is from the delivery of the goods (article 70 of the VAT Law), and as explained in the 2543 oficio dated 04-Dec-2018, in anticipated sales (the Invoice is issued in advance of the delivery of the goods), the 3-month period starts to count from the delivery of the goods, and not from the issuance of the Invoice.

However, if the Credit Note is for discount of the value in the Invoice, the 3 months do not run, and VAT can be deducted from the tax debit. In fact, this is provided for in the Law, and as it is somewhat implicit, we have preferred to show Official Letter No. 1276 of 12-05-1988, where it is stated:

The Credit Note will be printed the same, with the amount of VAT that should have corresponded, and in the accounting voucher that is generated is made Sales (to debit) against Customers (to credit) for the total amount of the Credit Note including VAT, i.e. VAT is not separated and this is like a lower Sale, and a lower income for the company.

When is VAT 2021 charged?

According to Prosperidad Social, from this Thursday, November 25 through Tuesday, December 14, 2021, families in the VAT Refund program will receive $76,000 corresponding to the sixth and last payment cycle of 2021.

How to register a senior citizen in the sri?

Go to, choose the option Refunds / VAT / Senior Citizens. Download the “Guide to fill out and send the format for registration of sales receipts for applications sent by Internet”. Fill out the “Form to register sales receipts for online applications”.

What are the essential goods and services?

– Essential goods and services. – For VAT refund purposes, goods and services related to clothing, housing, health, communication, food, education, culture, sports, mobility and transportation are considered essential goods and services for people with disabilities and senior citizens.

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How to apply for a VAT refund

Any car, which comes from a car dealer or car purchase and sale, and which has never been owned by a private individual before, such as rental cars, leasing, companies, renting, etc. It will have a GROSS price (with VAT) and a NET price (without VAT), that is to say, it will be a price with VAT INCLUDED DEDUCTIBLE.

On the other hand, if the car comes from a dealer or a buyer/seller but was previously owned by a private individual, that car will have a price subject to REBU, or what is the same as the Special Regime for Used Goods. This means that there is no deductible VAT. The invoice of sale, will be an invoice with a price in conditions REBU, but without VAT to deduct. This is due to the fact that the individual, when he sells it or delivers it previously to the purchase-sale or concessionaire, cannot issue invoice and therefore cannot charge VAT.

Logically, in order to be able to do so, the first thing we need is that the vehicle is subject to VAT.  That is to say, that the price appears with DEDUCTIBLE VAT (NOT REBU or ART 25 WHICH IS CALLED IN GERMANY).    If this is fulfilled, only companies or self-employed persons who are registered in the REGISTRY OF COMMUNITY OPERATORS for this purpose will be able to buy without VAT (NET).

How to register for the Solidarity Income?

If you wish to apply for the survey in order to be eligible as a beneficiary of the Solidarity Income and other state programs, the first thing you must do is enter the official website of the Sisbén Citizen Portal and complete the registration process on the page.

When do you pay the VAT refund?

When do you make the $76,000 pesos payment for the VAT Refund? VAT Refund beneficiaries received the last payment of the 2021 aid between November 25, when the aid delivery cycle began, and December 14, the deadline for claiming the payment.

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When do they pay the VAT refund in 2022?

VAT Refund payments are made on a bimonthly basis. The last draft was delivered from this Thursday, November 25 through Tuesday, December 14, corresponding to the last two-month period of the year. Thus, the next payment of $76,000 will arrive in February 2022.


That is precisely the case we are dealing with today. Either because you have in mind to do it, or because you are already earning a living collecting commissions by intermediating in sales, but you are not sure how to declare that income, you are in the right place.

To begin with, you must be clear that a person who is earning money through commissions is obliged to issue an invoice for such activities and declare all income received. As well as to make income from the VAT that is applied to the commissions.

But these are special cases where, regardless of whether commission sales are achieved or not, the worker will always have a minimum base salary that he/she will receive regardless of his/her sales. The commissions in this case, are an extra that is included in his salary.

This is NOT the case for the vast majority of professionals who work on a commission basis. In practice, professionals who work on commission are self-employed and have to issue invoices themselves to collect commissions and declare them appropriately.