Can I claim VAT back if self employed?

Can I claim VAT back if self employed?

Requesting a VAT refund in the fourth quarter

The Tax Agency refunds all or part of the VAT collected from a taxable person, i.e. the individual or legal entity that has made the payment. But a number of elements must be met in order to proceed with the refund of this tax rate, as not everyone is eligible for this application.

In order to file a VAT refund request, it is necessary to have all the documentation associated with the expenses: invoices, receipts and receipts for these payments. Thus, this activity can be demonstrated before the Tax Agency, who will return the VAT depending on the standards stipulated by law.

The application is made through form 360. It is important to take into account that the VAT paid abroad cannot be accounted for in the quarterly applications of form 303, but a separate request must be made through this form 360. In it, the supplier’s data such as name, address and VAT number must appear, as well as the date, the taxable base, the tax rate and the description of the expense, as well as a copy of the invoices. It is important to note that an application must be submitted for each different country in which an expense has been incurred.

When is the 2020 VAT refunded?

Quarterly and monthly returns

That is to say, in the liquidation of the fourth quarter of each fiscal year, whose term of presentation ends on January 20 of the following year. Thus, the Tax Agency has the deadline for making the refund on July 20 of that year.

How can the self-employed recover VAT?

To collect the VAT refund for self-employed, the first thing you must do is to apply for it. To do so, you will have to wait until the fourth quarter of the year return, which is made in January by means of form 303. Then you must check the box “Request refund”.

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When is VAT refunded to the self-employed?

The self-employed have until January 31 to file and pay the VAT corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2021 and also the IRPF, if they have it in installments.

How to register for the vat refund

Start: At the request of the taxpayer, by means of the presentation of a self-assessment resulting in an amount to be refunded, a request for refund or a communication of data, in accordance with the provisions in each case in the regulations governing each tax.

a) Agreement recognizing the requested refund. The agreement will be understood to be notified by the receipt of the bank transfer or, if applicable, of the check. When the recognized refund is subject to total or partial precautionary withholding, the adoption of the precautionary measure will be notified together with the refund agreement. The recognition of the refund will not prevent the subsequent verification of the tax obligation by means of the verification or investigation procedures.

b) Expiry. When the procedure is paralyzed due to causes attributable to the taxpayer, the Administration will warn the taxpayer that, after three months have elapsed, it may declare the lapse of the procedure.

** Once the term established in the regulatory rules of each tax has elapsed and, in any case, the term of six months, without the payment of the refund having been ordered due to a cause attributable to the Tax Administration, the latter shall pay the interest for late payment, without the need for the obligor to request it. The late payment interest will accrue from the end of said period until the date on which payment is ordered on the amount of the refund, if any.

How to apply for the 2021 VAT refund?

There are two ways: Consult the web page where you can type in your ID number and it will show you whether or not you are a beneficiary of the VAT refund program.

When will the Treasury refund the VAT for 2021?

The answer is yes. The deadline for the VAT refund is from the last official day of the presentation of the liquidation, up to 6 months later. In other words, the Tax Agency should refund the excess VAT between January 30 and July 30.

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When is VAT refunded in 2021?

As of November 25, the VAT refund program payments are available. This is the fifth draft of the year and the last of 2021. The deadline to claim it is December 16 at Super Giros points in the country.

VAT refund 2019

It could be considered justifiable to request a refund, for example, of fees paid on the lease of business premises. A company may rent premises with the future expectation of generating income that has not yet been produced. Similarly, it may also be the case of generating VAT expenses on a construction that we cannot sell until it is completed. In any case, it is more prudent to wait and reserve that VAT to subtract from the income when it is produced than to ask for its refund The right to deduct arises when the deductible quotas are refunded, provided that the supporting document of the operation is available. Deductions must be made according to the foreseeable destination of the goods and services acquired, without prejudice to their subsequent rectification if this is altered.

How can VAT be recovered?

The procedure to recover the Tax Credit corresponding to the VAT not used within the term determined by the legal regulations, to the extent that there is an undue or excess payment, consists of filing an application through Form 2117 of Applications, at the SII office corresponding to the …

Who can recover VAT?


Article 36 of the LIVS establishes that exporters shall be entitled to recover the VAT that would have been surcharged for the acquisition or importation of goods destined to their export activity, and the use of services destined to the same purpose.

Who is obliged to file Form 303?

It must be filed by any professional or entrepreneur who carries out an activity subject to VAT, regardless of the type of entrepreneur (company, self-employed, association, cooperative, civil society, etc.) and the result of the return (to be paid, zero, negative to be compensated or refunded).

VAT refund to companies

If the company has a monthly tax liquidation period (registered in the monthly refund register), the claim will be made in the next period, with the presentation of the form. On the other hand, if the liquidation period is quarterly, the deadlines will be the same as those of the self-employed.

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As mentioned above, the self-employed and companies that liquidate the tax quarterly will exercise the form 303 corresponding to the fourth quarter of the fiscal year as a request for refund. In addition to requesting the refund from the Treasury in form 390, in case you are obliged to file it.

The companies included in the REDEME, will have to request the settlement form corresponding to the period following the one in which the right to request the refund has been generated. In other words, if your company pays more VAT than the VAT charged in March, you will have to request the refund when filing form 303 in April.

Having made the necessary arrangements to apply for the VAT refund, the Treasury also has specific deadlines to carry out the refund. There will be 6 months to pay the taxpayer, so the refund will be received before June 30. In this case, it is necessary to be attentive and to have in order all the documentation that the Treasury may request to verify the refund. Normally, this documentation is presented together with the self-assessment form, but the administration can also carry out verifications and inspections afterwards.