Are CDA cookers any good?

Are CDA cookers any good?

CDA – Happy New Year 2021!

Ghost kitchens are restaurants dedicated entirely to online sales, without tables, waiters or a well-located location, and only with a few cooks, raw materials, a few stoves and profiles on the main food delivery platforms. These characteristics allow them to save many costs related to physical sales, especially in initial investment, although it forces them to devote great economic efforts in the digital channel.

“In urban environments, young people are giving up cooking. This has made food delivery very dynamic and has accelerated the trend of dark kitchens, so that some entrepreneurs have seen their opportunity to offer their product directly online. It has also meant that restaurants that started to make home deliveries from their premises have been overwhelmed, without the capacity to attend to the dining room and applications, and have opened ghost kitchens in parallel to dedicate them exclusively to delivery”, explains Manel Morillo, partner of the gastronomy consultancy Congustoconsulting.

CDA 15

Reflecting the growth of the furniture manufacturing sector, which in 2006 recorded sales of 1,447 million euros and increased exports by 6.4%, the show has increased its surface area by 12% over the previous edition.

A new feature of this year’s edition is the incorporation of the non-laminated countertops sector, which is adding its offer to that of kitchen furniture, tables, chairs and benches, household appliances, sinks and software.

To make life in the kitchen more comfortable and pleasant, manufacturers offer a variety of proposals ranging from doors with pressure-opening system to furniture and worktops of variable height.

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The most striking innovations are to be found in the technology sector, where energy and water savings have become a priority. The offer in this sector includes built-in coffee machines, wine coolers and drawer refrigerators.

In auxiliary furniture, the focus is on straight lines and smooth fronts. The popular extendable tables and folding chairs stand out for their variety, and among the materials used, the use of safety glass in different colors on the tables stands out.

This time it came with a rivet from the oven badly placed and did not allow the door to open completely, but filing a little bit solved it. 1511Excellent but not perfectThis kitchen is very good, just a couple of details, I had to put a little wood down to level it and so that it is firm, another detail is that when you turn on the burners you have to keep the knob pressed about 40 – 50 seconds inward to heat the thermocouple and so the flame is lit, I understand that it is a safety mechanism, but it is a long time that you have to be keeping the knob :p. 149Good price, quality.Good value for money. It has a pilot system in case the burners or the oven goes out. It has good gas flow and is very easy to clean.

Surfaces such as doorknobs/knobs and counter tops or refrigerator handles should be cleaned daily with a solution containing a high concentration of bleach or at least 70% alcohol. The good news is that most disinfectant products in stores contain this level of bleach or alcohol. Another way to make sure germs are not spreading in the home is to wear gloves when cleaning and, if possible, discard them after use every day.

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Many grocery stores (markets) may be crowded, without the necessary supplies or far from your home, so stocking up on food as much as possible is a great idea. Maintaining a healthy diet at this time is more important than ever. We encourage you to consume immune-boosting foods such as fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants; as well as foods containing omega-3 fatty acids such as fish. We also encourage you to freeze foods and look for frozen foods as options.