What should you do if an accident occurs in the workplace?

What should you do if an accident occurs in the workplace?

What should I do if I have an accident at work?

The Labor Risk Insurance Company (ART) is in charge of providing all the medical and monetary benefits provided by law, immediately after being notified of the work accident or occupational disease.

The employer is obliged to report to the Insurance Company any work accident or occupational disease suffered by its workers. The report may also be made by the worker himself, his beneficiaries or any person who has had knowledge of the accident at work or occupational disease.

In the event that the worker, his or her beneficiaries or any person who has had knowledge of the accident at work submits a written report to the ART, the report must contain an account of the facts, the identification of the parties (Worker / Employer) and the signature of the complainant.

In the event of being in disagreement with the discharge granted, he/she must inform his/her employer so that he/she may request a reinstatement to the ART, or request directly the reinstatement to the ART. If he/she does not obtain a satisfactory answer, the worker may initiate a proceeding before the corresponding Medical Commission for divergence in the discharge.

What to do in the event of an accident at work Mexico

Depending on the severity of the accident, there will be different results both for the injured person and for the organization itself. For this reason, it is necessary for the organization and the workers to be clear about the steps to be taken into account after an accident at work.

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Depending on the worker’s injury, one way or another will be followed. The important thing is that the medical care of the patient is carried out in the shortest possible time, this can make a difference to the outcome of the injuries and the period of sick leave. Although the injured person should preferably go to the corresponding medical center with the organization’s mutual insurance company, depending on the emergency, he/she may go to the nearest medical center for treatment. In the event that the accident does not allow the worker to travel to the medical center, it is important to request an emergency vehicle.

The employer should be notified of the accident as soon as possible, regardless of the severity of the injuries. A written report should be made in which, in addition to the details of the worker who has suffered the accident, the information on how the accident occurred, the measures taken to avoid it and the injuries it caused. It is important that, if there have been witnesses, their details are noted so that they can be contacted if necessary. The collection of this information and evidence is of particular interest in cases where a claim is to be made.

Procedure to follow in case of an accident at work peru

In any company there may be a situation in which a worker has an accident while working. Accidents can range from very minor to very serious and can even cause the death of the worker.

Depending on the seriousness of the accident, there will be different consequences. So both the company and the worker must be very clear about the steps to follow in the event of an accident at work, especially when you are in charge of equipment management.

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It is very important that you know well the responsibilities that the company has in case of an accident at work. Every company with employees must contract a health care service with a collaborating mutual insurance company or have its own medical service, so that all injured workers can receive health care.

Do you know the procedures to follow if a worker in your company suffers an accident at work? Do you know the different types of accidents at work that can occur in a company?    If you do not know what to do in case of an accident at work, you are very interested in reading this article, because you will discover not only how to act in these cases but also the types of accidents at work that exist, the labor laws and the rights that an injured worker has and all the documentation that you should prepare.


The responsible person must fill out the attendance report for an accident at work, sign and date stamp it. A copy must be given so that the Mutual Insurance Company can assist the injured person.

The prevention delegate must ensure that from the beginning of the procedure the contingency is considered occupational. If he/she finds that the company has not issued the accident report, or the delegate does not agree with its contents, he/she can report it to the Labor Inspectorate.

In addition, the prevention delegate will take an interest in the injured person, following up on his case, transmitting to the company any type of incident that may arise as a result of the Mutual Insurance Company’s actions.

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For the investigation of an accident at work, it is advisable to have a method, i.e., an established process that defines, or at least guides, which tasks must be carried out and in what order. The National Institute for Safety and Health at Work recommends using the method of the tree of causes, which is based on a multi-causal conception of the accident, although there are other methods.