What can I expect from my TV Licence visit?

What can I expect from my TV Licence visit?

How to pay total play at oxxo

Digital terrestrial television (DTT), also called in some countries of America open digital television (TDA), is the transmission of moving images and their associated sound by binary coding through a network of terrestrial transmitters.

The digital coding of the programs allows that in the bandwidth available in a single UHF channel can be transmitted several programs with the quality similar to that of a DVD or one or two with HD quality.

Since several digital programs can now be transmitted in the bandwidth used by one analog channel, digital broadcasting results in significant energy savings per channel. This means lower costs for broadcasters.

The use of all this information by the user is possible thanks to the various applications available on the DTT receiver, generally conforming to the industry standard called MHP (Multimedia Home Platform). Each operator will be able to develop the applications that provide the desired services to its customers, and these will be installed in the DTT receiver to provide access to these services.

When is an activity license required?

This license is mandatory for any activity that is classified as unhealthy, annoying, dangerous or noxious. In addition, the activity license is also mandatory for activities that require the adoption of corrective health, environmental or safety measures.

What license must be requested to the City Council if it is necessary to carry out works to build or fit out the premises where the activities of a company are to be carried out?

License of Activities and facilities and works

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it will be necessary to obtain the corresponding municipal urban development license, approved by the city council where the establishment is located.

How long does it take to load Totalplay’s network?

Once payment is made, service is restored within 24 business hours.

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B: In the context of the new fee, people who are not yet registered are receiving a letter from the Beitragsservice via the postal service. This letter asks whether the fee is already paid in the apartment, e.g. by a person living in the apartment, or whether registration is still necessary. If this letter is not answered there are usually two reminder letters sent within the next two months. As announced in the letter, registration via the Beitragsservice is mandatory.

B: Persons who have already registered and are required to pay the housing tax, but who have not paid the amount after being requested to do so by the Beitragsservice, receive a reminder letter after the warning, stating the overdue payments and the due date for payment.

B: ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio are convinced that the rules on the regulations affecting this fee are constitutional. In the event of a complaint by the administrative or constitutional courts of the states or at the national level, it would be up to the parliaments of the individual states to adapt the corresponding measures.

How long does it take for the Totalplay payment to be reflected in Bancomer?

Your Totalplay payment will be reflected within 24 to 48 hours.

What happens if I don’t have an opening license?

Opening or setting up an economic activity in a premises without having obtained the corresponding opening license is illegal. If you do this, you could be visited by environmental technicians or local police forces and receive a severe fine and worse, the sealing or closing of the business.

Who grants the activity license?

The opening license is granted by the Madrid City Council, specifically, by the Activities Agency on the basis of the Certificate of Conformity issued by AECLU, which is equivalent to the municipal technical report in the event of having been processed through us.

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Did you know where to go? Did you know how to do it? Did you know which things can be reported and which cannot? We believe that people do not know it, and therefore, and for transparency, we are going to dedicate a set of Posts to this topic so requested and requested in so many occasions.

In the same way that there are police inspectors who prosecute crimes, labor inspectors who prosecute irregularities committed in the labor field or tax inspectors who are dedicated to pursue those who do not pay their taxes, insurance inspectors are dedicated to pursue those insurers who commit insurance violations. Therefore, when someone denounces an insurance company, the insurance inspectors will be the ones to take action and may impose the corresponding sanctions or punishments depending on the magnitude of the act. And be very careful because the sanctions can range from a simple verbal warning to very severe economic sanctions. In fact, the sanctions can reach fatal dimensions for the insurer that could imply the closing and liquidation of the insurer itself. Therefore, insurance inspectors are not to be trifled with.

How can I know if a premises has an opening license?

How to know if a business premises has an activity license? To check the opening license of a business premises, the most common way is to consult the Town Planning Department of the Town Hall where it is located.

How long does it take for the City Council to issue the opening license?

How long does an opening and activity license take? For most of the activities (“Declaración Responsable”) the license is immediate (or practically): once the documentation has been submitted, the works can be carried out and the activity can begin.

How long does it take for the Totalplay payment to be reflected in Oxxo?

Payments made at Banco Azteca, Mi Cuenta Totalplay, by phone with an advisor and OXXO stores will be reflected immediately. When you make your payment at the bank window, you will be asked for the complete bank reference, this information can be found on the cover of your account statement.

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Why don’t the biggest releases ever hit Netflix or YouTube first? Why do the most anticipated movies hit theaters first? Why does it take so long for them to be released on DVD or Bluray? Distribution windows are to blame.

The premise is basic: until you “exhaust” one channel, you don’t move on to the next. Thus, the traditional model is that a film is released exclusively in theaters in a period of time that is more or less around four months. After that time, the distribution window begins, the turn for the other channels.

And here we have a conflict between the interests of the consumer, increasingly accustomed to watching entire seasons of series thanks to Netflix, and those of the protagonists of the distribution windows. There are initiatives that try to reduce these times, but that does not detract from the fact that cinemas remain reluctant to a change of model.

Even if the distribution window system manages to adapt to the new times with shorter waiting periods, there is something that will perhaps change the rules of the game. Both Netflix with its ‘Originals’ and HBO with its own productions are betting on a model in which they leave out movie theaters. Each company has its own production companies, its own timing and a user base that continues to grow.