How much is a tomato factory?

How much is a tomato factory?

Sale of tomato plants for greenhouse

With the name of the project “Experimentation and Transfer Network in Citriculture”, it aims to improve the competitiveness of the citrus sector, marked by high price competition, a…

11/12/2019.- The acting Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, will ask the EC for a “forceful” response and a firm attitude to this situation. Planas has described the unilateral measure as a…

05/12/2019.- The leading companies in greenhouse construction and technologies are located in this fair, thus becoming a meeting point for companies of irrigation systems, irrigation systems,…

03/12/2019.- The delegation of the Ministry, which was in Sevillian lands, has visited one of the two experimental stations that the German multinational has globally. BASF only has two facilities such as…

30/10/2018.- It is the second consecutive time that it obtains this certification that demonstrates the quality, safety and good practices in its factory, manufacturing processes, transformed raw material and final product.

How much does it cost to produce a kilo of tomatoes?

Thus, for example, if the average price of tomatoes is 7 pesos per kilo and the cost of production is 5 pesos per kilo, there would be a profit of 40,000 to 50,000 pesos per year per 1,000 m2.

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How much does it cost to produce tomatoes?

The list of inputs for a greenhouse production project starts with the seed, which at 20 to 30 cents/seed is an investment of $6,000 to 9,000 dollars/ha. Transplanting can be done by maquila, at a cost of $6,000 to 9,000 dollars/ha, or by establishing a transplanting area to reduce the cost.

How many kilos per tomato plant?

From each plant they obtain an average of 10 kilos of tomatoes.

Tomato production per hectare in peru

Those of us who provide consultancy in greenhouse projects are frequently asked comments such as “I want to put three hectares of greenhouse, they tell me it is a good business or I want to put a greenhouse like the one I saw in a certain place”, among others.

However, growers are surprised to learn about the costs involved in these projects and that in many cases the technologies selected are not adequate. Therefore, it is advisable to have a minimum knowledge of what this business involves.

It is also necessary that the land for the greenhouse is preferably flat and with good access, and have a climate without extreme temperatures to avoid high heating costs in winter or cooling in summer.

However, after the initial investment, working capital is also required. Given that production costs per 1,000 m2 are 100,000 to 120,000 pesos, it will be necessary to support these expenses in some way until sales and income are achieved.

How many kilos of tomato does one hectare produce?

This year, due to the hail storms that affected different parts of the province and the repeated rains, the average yield of tomato plantations will be around 90 thousand kilos per hectare.

How much does a kilo of tomato cost in Mexico 2021?

Saladette tomatoes started 2021 with a minimum price of 15 pesos per kilo in markets on wheels, and closed the same year with a maximum price of 52 pesos in supermarkets.

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How much does it cost to produce tomatoes in Mexico?

The total annual production cost of wild tomato is $44,425.80 of which $17,896.00 is the producer’s contribution.

Sale of tomato and bell pepper plants

The association claims that in Extremadura there is a kind of monopoly in the tomato industry, with Conesa and Transa industries being the most powerful and those who move about half of all tomato, directing these negotiations. All industries were waiting for Conesa to set the price for them to do the same, always starting from “ruinous” prices, even in the final negotiations all industries have signed on 7.8 cents per kilo, and Conesa to 7.6 cents / kg, always lowering the price in the field this industry.

Where is tomato grown in Peru?

Tomato cultivation is developed mainly in the valleys of Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Loreto, Ancash, La Libertad, where several varieties are grown, among which are commonly katya, redondo, rio grande, brigade, chef, etc. tomatoes.

How much does a hectare of tomato produce in a greenhouse?

For example, tomato production yields in low technology greenhouses is about 120 tons per hectare (t/ha), in medium technology ranges from 200 to 250 t/ha, and in high technology leads to obtain up to 600 t/ha [11].

How many tons of green tomato does one hectare produce?

Green tomato yield

The national average yield is 12 t-ha-1, which is considered low in relation to the productive potential of the crop, estimated at 40 t-ha-1 (Peña, 2001).

How much it costs to produce one hectare of tomato

Seventy percent of industrial tomato consumption is concentrated in the category of tomato puree and pulp. The rest is divided equally between tomato puree (mostly the well-known 970g bottle), tomato sauces (pomarola, pizza, Portuguese, etc.) and peeled and diced tomatoes.

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The sauces, crushed, whole and diced canned tomatoes, which as I said before represent 30% of the market, can only be produced during the short annual season with local agricultural programs. These cannot, as in the case of puree, be made from tomatoes from these international stocks. No less important is the fact that the greatest added value is to be found among these products. This is where the consumer is willing to pay more for a kilo of tomato. In relative terms, crushed tomatoes add 2 times more value to a kilogram of industrial tomatoes than tomato puree, 3 times more than perita and diced tomatoes and 5 times more than prepared sauces. So we see that these product categories, although they are only 30% of the market, are the core of the tomato products where the most money can be earned.