How do you make a proper phone call?

Examples of how to answer a phone call

Another study conducted by Forrester Consulting states that companies that offer better customer service (before and after the purchase), have more customers willing to buy again.

Therefore, offering unbeatable telephone patient service not only helps you attract patients, but will also prevent your current patients from switching clinics (loyalty).

After all, they are contacting you about a possible health problem, and it is essential to convey to them what they need to hear so that they stay there and do not go to the competition (who might offer a worse medical service but with an impeccable telephone service).

It is also important to introduce pauses to give the patient time to digest the information (the so-called “technical silence”), and to ask questions that are relevant and related to what the patient is saying.

Your training and collaboration in the telephone care process is also very important and will ensure that your team conveys a fantastic first impression, something that will undoubtedly attract more patients in the medium and long term.

How should a phone call be handled?

– Any call should be answered promptly without making the caller wait too long. – The answer should be polite. You should always answer with some kind, simple and direct words or phrase. – You should always address everyone as “you”.

How to end a call in a call center?

If you are having a business call and need to redirect the conversation, respond to your caller with an affirmation and an indication that what he or she has said is also important to you. Immediately afterwards, introduce the topic you want to address.

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How to talk on the phone to offer a product?

I am [Name] from [Company name]. I’m calling because it sounds like your organization loves to focus on honest and superior customer service. At [Company Name], we’re all about that too. We’re backed by amazing clients like [Client 1] and [Client 2], and [Social Media Test].

Professional telephone greeting examples

In telephone communication, the non-verbal expression (emphasis, intonation…) has a very important weight during the conversation, since due to the lack of any kind of image during the communication, it is the one that transmits the emotional dimension.

In this article we will highlight the relevance of the elements present in telephone communication, which will be decisive in achieving our objectives when using the telephone.

Language is the set of signs we use to express the ideas we wish to communicate. We must use a clear and intelligible one, using words and expressions that generate positive feelings in the listener.

It is important to bear in mind that emotions are contagious, so the feelings we express will directly affect the conversation we are having, influencing our listener in a positive or negative way. Therefore, we must always maintain a positive attitude and know how to prolong it until the end, despite the various situations that we are going to find throughout the telephone communication.

What do you call telephone sales?

Telephone sales, also known as “telesales”, is a type of sales where the salesperson communicates by telephone with a potential customer in order to offer or sell a product or service.

What is a speech examples?

What is a sales speech? Sales Speech or sales pitch is a conversational script used by sales representatives to talk to a potential customer. A sales pitch is responsible for changing your customer’s “no” to a “yes”. Or a “let me think about it” to a “let’s close now”.

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How many digits does a telephone number have?

All numbers in the country, whether landline or mobile, will have 10 digits. So, will these prefixes no longer be dialed, and how will we dial from abroad?

Example of a short telephone call

In the use of the telephone, paraverbal communication (intonation, emphasis, voice changes, in short, variations in the use of the voice) has a special significance, since in the absence of the image of the interlocutor, it is the one that transmits the emotional dimension of the relationship.

We want to highlight the importance of elements such as personal attitude, voice, the use of silences, the smile or the language we use, since they are elements that will condition the success in achieving our objectives when we use the telephone to make a sale, close a visit or attend to our customers.

The attitude or personal predisposition with which we make a phone call is detected by our interlocutor from our voice and the language we use. It is important to bear in mind that attitudes are contagious, and therefore, the attitude we have will directly affect the effectiveness of the telephone conversation we are having, influencing positively or negatively our interlocutor. Therefore, we must have a positive attitude and know how to maintain it despite the different situations that we may encounter throughout the workday, learning to control our feelings and never let the emotional state that has caused us to make a call affect subsequent calls.

What to do with someone on call?

Game dynamics on a Zoom video call

You can even ‘get your head around it’, and play party games like “I would never, ever”, mime games to guess movies, animals or act like a friend of the groupie.

What is a telemarketer?

Telemarketers and telemarketers deal with customers over the phone. They encourage them to buy, take orders and arrange delivery of goods. They deal with administrative records, letters, accounting and invoices, as well as dealing with customer queries.

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How is reported speech made?

A reported speech sentence is usually introduced by a verb in the past tense. The most common are say and tell. Say will be followed directly by the phrase or by the particle that. Tell is followed by an object pronoun (me, you, him…) and the phrase, which may or may not be preceded by the particle that.

How to make a phone call to a client

Today I want to satisfy the desire of some of my blog followers who asked me to propose more real and common communicative activities for ELE learners. Today I propose for all our loyal followers to work on a TELEPHONE CONVERSATION. How is a telephone conversation carried out? What aspects of language are used? and How should one act when faced with a phone call?

I hope you have enjoyed the topic of this publication and the tips we have proposed, and I also hope you have learned how to manage a telephone conversation without mistakes or more nerves.