Do TV licence inspectors have right of entry?

Do TV licence inspectors have right of entry?

Law 9 2014

Pregnancy and childbirth leave shall be granted for one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days, and the personnel shall be forbidden to work during the fifty (50) days prior to childbirth and up to seventy (70) calendar days after childbirth with payment of salary.

If any of the newborns should remain hospitalized in the neonatology area, the period foreseen for the post-partum period shall be increased by the days of hospitalization.

Upon expiration of the period foreseen for the post-partum period, the pregnant woman, prior reliable communication to the Police of the City, may choose to extend her leave up to one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days, without payment of salary.

Article 166.- For the purpose of feeding and caring for the child, the personnel shall be entitled to a break of two (2) hours per day, which may be divided into fractions when it is intended for the natural or artificial breastfeeding of the child under twelve (12) months of age.

It may be used during the workday as two (2) breaks of one (1) hour each, or a reduction of two (2) hours of work at the entrance or exit, or of one (1) hour at the entrance and one (1) hour at the exit.

General Telecommunications Law of Chile

Legislation / OrdinariesShareDon’t shareOrdinaryORD. N°278507/12/20211.- Labor inspectors are competent to hear and resolve workers’ claims related to rights reserved in a settlement, in all those cases in which there is no controversy between the parties regarding the existence of the right itself.

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All days of compensatory rest for activities performed by the worker on Sundays and holidays must be considered in the basis for calculating the work week. No. 278007/12/2021In the case of janitorial personnel of a condominium with a 6×2 workday and rotating shifts, the return to work after the expiration of the holiday must be immediate if the worker’s shift is working, while, if his work team is in a rest cycle, his return must take place at the end of the rest cycle.ORD. No. 277907/12/20211.- The imputation of the 30-minute break for snack to the working day is applicable in any of the cases expressly provided for in Article 39 of Law No. 21,109, unless the parties agree on more beneficial conditions for the assistant.

Municipal Operating License Ordinance 2021

To all those who see the present, be it known: That the Parliament of Andalusia has approved and I, in the name of the King and by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy, enact and order the publication of the following Audiovisual Law of Andalusia.

In this line, the Parliament of Andalusia, in 2012, approved the Proposition not of Law in Commission 9-12/PNLC-000149, regarding the opening of a debate on measures for the organization and promotion of the audiovisual sector in Andalusia, in which the Government Council was urged to promote the drafting of the Draft Audiovisual Law of Andalusia. As a result of this parliamentary mandate, at the end of 2013 the Committee for the Organization and Promotion of the Audiovisual Sector in Andalusia was set up, with a very broad representation of the sector. In mid-2014, the work of this Committee was completed, producing both the document of bases for the future Draft Bill of the Audiovisual Law of Andalusia and the document of bases for the Plan for the Organization and Promotion of the Andalusian Audiovisual Sector.

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Law 34/2002

This section contains the main frequently asked questions that we are usually asked regarding the processing of opening, activity and operation licenses. We will try, as far as possible, to differentiate them by thematic sections.

Remember that apart from these frequently asked questions you also have the section “Frequently asked questions about the processing of opening and activity licenses” where we collect practical and real cases about the queries that we are usually asked via e-mail, telephone or in person. And of course you can use the search engine (in the bar on the left) to find specific articles on a particular topic (we have articles where we talk about all topics).

To open a company, trade or business you need a license. To adapt the premises or to carry out renovation works it is compulsory to obtain a building permit from the local town hall, issued by a qualified technician such as an architect.

What is the difference between Activity License and Opening License? Activity license or installation license is the municipal authorization on project for the beginning of works and installations in the premises of reference. Opening license or operation license is the municipal authorization on premises taking into account the previously granted Activity License.

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