Can you still buy Kodachrome film?

Can you still buy Kodachrome film?

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The scanning of framed slides (positives) and negative film strips belongs to the standard tasks of any film scanner. And in every film scanner in which a normal slide can be placed, a framed Kodachrome image can also be placed and scanned normally as a positive. But most of the time, the scanning results are in the range between unsatisfactory and totally disappointing. Therefore, some film scanners offer special color profiles/settings for Kodachrome models in order to produce satisfactory results. This page should provide an insight into the subject of Kodachrome films and the digitization of this film material.

In Europe, Kodachrome slides usually have a thin cardboard frame, on which the name Kodachrome is written in bold letters (see picture above). This way you get the framed slides back if you send them directly to the Kodak lab. In other countries like the United States there are also unframed Kodachromes, so the framing is up to the photographer. Also here in Germany unframed Kodachromes could be obtained by cutting off a corner of the sender’s box on the envelope in which the material was sent to Kodak.

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Anyone who works with Kodachrome scans without adjusting the scanner for the special film material knows the problem of unsightly blue cast. Some scanner software manufacturers may have a Kodachrome mode to choose from, which is usually not very useful due to the lack of a device-specific calibration. A calibration with a Kodachrome target is needed to completely avoid the blue cast problem. Unfortunately, Kodachrome stopped producing Kodachrome Q60 targets in 1999.

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Scanning Kodachromes with attention to recording the full dynamic range is a considerable challenge. This is because the dynamic range goes up to 3.8D – which is a grayscale range of 6300 shades equivalent to a contrast range of 1:6300!

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