Who should handle payroll?

Who should handle payroll?

Functions of the payroll department

Human Resources managers must be experts in the creation of payrolls, in the laws that affect them, in how to modify the information in them and manage this type of incidences, how to make the necessary arrangements with the Social Security and how to calculate these payrolls.

To create a payroll it is necessary to be clear about aspects such as the type of contract, the employee’s personal situation, the collective agreement that applies, the extra payments, the professional category and contribution group, among other things.

A payroll management program will save your HR department from having to spend hours and hours buried in paperwork, as well as eliminating human error (which is so bad when it comes to payroll issues).

Not doing it with enough planning or in advance, not taking into account all the variables, not having a system to calculate them well and reducing the administration staff are the worst mistakes you can make in the management or calculation of payroll.

Which department is in charge of payroll?

When an employee leaves the company, the Human Resources department must ensure that all necessary legal and contractual procedures are carried out.

Who should calculate the payroll?

Payments or what is owed to the employee must also be taken into account when calculating the employee’s payroll. They are divided into two types: salary payments and non-wage payments.

What does a payroll manager do?

Payroll management is the activity that is responsible for managing the calculation and payment of the payroll of employees, as well as their registrations, cancellations or the payment of income tax within the company.

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Payroll process in human resources

Those in accounting are the ones who handle the accounts and salary calculations, they see how much will be deductions, withholdings, overtime and everything that must be added so that the salaries are accurate. On the human resources side, they are attentive to establish the salary that will be given to each employee, also in selection and hiring, in assigning vacations, keeping track of attendance and absences, among other situations.

It can be said that the accounting area is oriented to the compensation of workers while HR is oriented to the relationship between employee and organization. However, this does not mean that they do not have a meeting point.

Payroll processes involve two important aspects such as payroll and tax reporting. It is important to have documentation and records stored of what is done, as well as confirmation of payments made. The activities of this area are crucial because they ensure that tax regulations are complied with; they also review the contractions.

How is an employee’s payroll calculated?

To obtain it, divide the monthly salary by 30, which is the average number of days in a month of work. Take the daily salary figure and multiply it by the number of days worked and to be paid: for example, 7 if you pay per week, and 15 if you pay per fortnight.

What is payroll?

Payroll is the sum of the financial records of employees’ salaries, including wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services rendered during a certain period of time.

How do I check my payroll?

If you are a salaried employee and receive your payroll through a digital tax receipt, you can check your receipts in the SAT portal. Your employer is obligated to issue you a digital receipt of your payroll payment, to consult it you only need your password or e. firma (formerly electronic signature).

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Experience in payroll management

The smooth running of the company depends to a large extent on qualified employees. This requires a functional and strategic personnel administration. Within the human resources department, personnel management is responsible for administrative and routine tasks, aiming to simplify processes in order to improve internal communication and the management of the company…..

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What is payroll and social security management?

The payroll management model automates salary management through the collection of employee data related to their work, attendance, delays, calculation of deductions and taxes, social contribution and periodic generation of the payment order.

How are labor relations established?

Regulation of labor relations

Labor relations may be regulated through the execution, supplementation or modification by employees and employers of collective bargaining agreements, agreements and employment contracts in accordance with labor legislation.

What is payroll administration?

Staffing, or payroll administration, can be defined as the process of outsourcing work relationships by hiring a third party to perform tasks necessary for the proper functioning of a business.

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Who pays the payroll in a company

The first task of this area is to carry out personnel planning, that is to say, to determine what the company’s labor needs will be at a given time, what type of profiles will be needed, what type of contracts will be made and what their cost will be.

As soon as the résumés start to arrive, the Human Resources technicians will begin to sift through them, discarding those whose profile does not match the one sought and arranging interviews with those candidates who they consider to be suitable for the position.

Subsequently, personal interviews will be conducted to get to know the candidates in greater depth and, if necessary, tests will be carried out to verify that the interested parties can perform the job offered. We will proceed in this way until the ideal candidate is found.

Once the ideal worker has been found to fill the vacant position, the Human Resources area will take care of all the steps related to the hiring. The contract will be signed, officially registered and the worker will be registered with the Social Security in the corresponding regime.