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Confessions breaks all the forecasts of the international music market. The first week of its release it sells more than one million records and Usher manages to place three singles among the top ten most listened to singles on Billboard, as well as remaining on the Hot 200 after 21 weeks. In addition to these great figures, Usher has been nominated for different awards in the American industry, such as the MTV and the prestigious Soul Train.

Usher’s albums are real successes with which he has even won a Grammy for Best Male R&B Performance, but the singer’s professional life is not limited to this. He has taken part in galas such as the 2004 MTV Awards and has collaborated with Alicia Keys in the recording of some songs: My Boo or If I ain’t got you.

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Tango & Cash is a 1989 American action film. Directed by Andrei Konchalovski, it stars Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell. It is considered a “buddy movie” or “buddy movie”, a genre in which two characters with opposite but complementary personalities are forced to work as a team. The film was shot in California and Ohio.

The film opens with police lieutenant Raymond “Ray” Tango (Sylvester Stallone) in pursuit of a tanker truck allegedly carrying a shipment of drugs. Raymond manages to stop it and proves to the cops who later arrive that it was cocaine.

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Once in prison, Tango and Cash are dragged from their beds and tortured by Requin (Brion James), Perret’s henchman, and a gang of prisoners, until Matt Sokowski (Phil Rubenstein), the warden’s assistant and Cash’s former commanding officer, rescues them. Sokowski recommends they escape and provides them with a plan, but Tango decides not to go. When Cash tries to escape, he finds Sokowski murdered and is chased by the guards. Tango rescues him and they head to the roof; Cash manages to jump outside the prison walls, but Tango is attacked by Face (Robert Z’Dar). Tango manages to push him into a transformer, electrocuting him. To clear their names, they decide to split up and Tango tells Cash that if he needs to contact him, he can go to the Cleopatra Club and ask for Katherine “Kiki” (Teri Hatcher), Tango’s sister.

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Already in 1995 the second single “Baby” was released, being more successful than her previous single and easily breaking into the top 5 and receiving the platinum certificate for the million singles sold of this single. In the meantime Brandy continued promoting her album which was still on the American charts and shortly after she was the opening act for the group Boyz II men.

The album also reached the top 10 of the music charts in Germany, Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands. The album remained in the top 20 until early 1999 and later received five platinum certifications from the RIAA, selling over five million units in the country. The album earned five Grammy Award nominations, and has sold over 14 million copies worldwide, making it their most successful album to date.

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While Jerkins contributed the most to the album and also served as its executive producer, Norwood also worked with producers Keith Crouch, Mike City, Warryn Campbell, and Robert “Bert Grande” Smith. In addition, she also sang with celebrities such as her brother Ray-J, King of Pop Michael Jackson, R&B singer Joe Babyface, Soulshock and Karlin, the Neptunes, and rapper Ja Rule, but none of the songs written with them made the final tracklisting.

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The first album, the studio one, is a good work. It is by no means up to the level of their best albums and seems to be composed more with the idea of having an “excuse” to go on tour than as a serious effort to maintain the level exhibited on “Muswell Hillbilies”. Nevertheless, the LP has gems of the level of the stupendous “Sitting in My Hotel Room” (link), “Supersonic Rocket Ship” (link), or the grandiloquent “Celluloid Heores” (link) that make it worth a careful listen. It is one of those albums that has as many defenders as detractors. To me, it doesn’t seem too interesting but I don’t think it’s bad at all.

As for the live album, it corresponds to recordings of his performances on March 2 and 3, 1972 at Carnegie Hall in New York and it is very enjoyable. Ray is very confident and theatrical at the microphone.

01. Milk cow blues (J.Estes) 02. Ring the bells 03. Gotta get the first plane home 04. When I see that girl of mine 05. I am free 06. Till the end of the day 07. The world keeps going round 08. I’m on an island 09. Where have all the good times gone? 10. I’ts too late 11.

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