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Many of the gas stations in our country are contractually subject to the oil company by means of what is known as a Platts contract of gas station flagging, that is, a contract of exclusive supply of fuels and automotive fuels, showing the service station at all times advertising and image of the oil company in question.

In this post we will focus on the flagging contracts that fix the price of fuels according to the Platt’s quotation. In this type of contract, the price that the service station pays to the oil company for the fuels is established on the basis of the Platt’s index, plus a premium or Delta – fixed in the contract itself for each of the fuels – which includes the costs and profit margins of the oil company,

And this is where the problem begins (for the service stations, as we shall see), since the oil companies, not content with the tax exemption, decided to benefit doubly from it. On the one hand, they did not pay the tax to CLH -for the part of Bios- and on the other hand, they did pass on 100% of the tax to the service station, even though this was not contemplated in the signed Platts gas station flagging contract. In other words, they doubly benefited from the tax exemption on the BIOS part, since they did not pay it to their supplier (CLH) but they did charge it to their client (Service Station).

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In the case of Telefónica, the basis for being able to activate its powerful social engine is a “solid” income statement. In 2019, the company obtained 48,422 million euros in revenue and a net profit of 1,142 million euros, thanks to its 344.3 million accesses and the largest fiber optic network in Europe and Latin America.

Telefónica’s activity is estimated to contribute 0.5% of the total wealth generated in all the countries in which it operates, which represents a contribution of 3.4 euros for each euro of gross operating income (Oibda). This amount includes both the direct impact and the indirect impact (i.e. the impact generated along the value chain, on suppliers and other agents) and the induced impact.

In addition, it has 477 patents in its portfolio and, thanks to its strong support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, it has promoted the activity of 530 start-ups, with 49 million euros invested through Wayra and another 120 million through Telefónica Innovation Ventures.

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Author: Redacción 30 September 2021, 16:18 The Constitutional Court has declared partially unconstitutional the Royal Decree-Law 1/2017 on urgent measures for the protection of consumers of floor clauses approved in January 2017. It considers unconstitutional the exemption from the payment of court costs to banks that, once the judicial process was initiated, accepted the conditions of the mortgaged to recover the undue amounts due to the famous floor clauses. In other words, in the end, the banks avoided paying for the lawyer and solicitor of the affected mortgagor.

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This rule was approved with the aim of facilitating the extrajudicial return of amounts unduly paid by the floor clauses to those affected, after the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) determined that banks should return all amounts already paid prior to the famous Supreme Court ruling of 2013.

As lawyer Carmen Giménez, head of G&G Abogados, rightly recalls, in other cases, the financial institution will not be ordered to pay costs, even if there has been bad faith, since this power provided for in the Civil Procedure Act is subtracted from the Judges. “For this reason, if the consumer decides to file a lawsuit, without having gone to the previous claim, and the entity, who has not informed him of anything (obligation foreseen in the Decree), agrees, there will be no sentence in costs, and the consumer will have to pay the fees of his Lawyer and Attorney”, emphasizes the expert.

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His wife mended it for him, patching the little hole with a piece of the fabric of the old umbrella, which was of the same color, and the next day Oreille left his house with the composite artifact and looking humble.

But in the evening, as soon as he had entered his house, his wife, taking the umbrella from his hands, opened it to learn of its condition; and she was astonished at an irreparable disaster. It was riddled with holes, undoubtedly from burns, as if the ashes of a burning pipe had been shaken onto the umbrella’s fabric. He was lost, hopelessly lost.

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-You see, sir, I have in the hall of my house a kind of bronze cabinet where umbrellas and walking sticks are kept. The other day, on my way back from the street, I left this one there. I can’t help but tell you that, right on top of it, there is a little table to put the candles and matches. I reach out and take four matches. I strike one; it does not burn. I take another one; it lights up and goes out immediately. With the third one the same thing happens to me.