Is CVS a good company to work for?

Is CVS a good company to work for?


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Our client is an important company in the Food Service Equipment sector, specializing in professional ovens of all ranges for…Michael Page ColombiaBogotá, D.C.1 day ago …Professional in Systems Engineering or related careers

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HOW TO MAKE A GOOD CURRICULUM VITAE l Make yourself a good candidate.

The second stage then began. Here we took common practices in commercial management and Call Centers, as well as digital marketing and took them to the field of communication to clarify doubts in a selection process.

Again, the results were auspicious and we were able to expand and complete our Preselection Algorithm with more than acceptable times and yields, allowing us to manage applications on a large scale.

About the author: Recognized HR professional, with experience in several Latin American countries. He currently directs the Pliegues Project-Professional Training and Talent People, a HR services provider.

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How to make an impactful CV and portfolio

If you have a business and have read this Xataka news, you are probably torn between surprise and indignation. Surprise, because it would not have crossed your mind that you could be fined €2,000 for not responding to a person who sends your CV by WhatsApp; and indignation, because it seems to open a new way to fine companies, with the one that is falling. How to avoid a sanction of these characteristics? Let’s try to clarify it.

As we were saying, the fine that concerns us has to do, precisely, with the breach of this duty. This is what is stated in the resolution, in its proven facts, when it states that “the defendant (sic) has not been informed about the processing of his personal data or the possibility of exercising his rights”. Now, there are many ways to satisfy this obligation without the need to manually respond to all CVs received. Let’s see:

With any of these three options, the fine imposed by the AEPD could have been avoided, even for a minimal cost. In fact, the Agency itself has published an example of the informative text that could be provided to job applicants:

How to get a job in tech companies and startups

Companies have realized the key role that talent plays in their organizations to adapt to the requirements of users, who increasingly have more information and are more demanding.

In this process, the company has to differentiate itself and generate engagement.  The employee experience is the sum of experiences and sensations that employees have with the company they work for, generating an emotional connection with it.

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To improve and optimize the employee experience, it is necessary to do the same work as with customers, i.e. to know and understand them.    You should not limit yourself to analyzing what employees tell you in a survey, but you must know what they feel, think or do and why they do that and not something else. To do this, you need to use different tools and techniques. A people-centric methodology can be used to implement innovative solutions. The combination of employee and customer experience is crucial, as the customer experience will start with your own employees, because they are the ones who are tasked with delivering it. For an employee to deliver a good experience, it is essential that they experience it first. For an employee to end up feeling let down by the company, the company must invest resources and efforts in the motivation and well-being of its employees.    All this will increase the productivity and profitability of your company.

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