How can I see my payslip?

How can I see my payslip?

Electronic Payroll Receipt

In this file you will find the value of the new items, withholdings and deductions to the employee, the contributions that correspond to the company for social security and parafiscal contributions and the provisions of social benefits. You can download this file every time you enter a new item for an employee in the payroll or at the end of your payroll. To find out how, click on the following article in our Help Center: How do I download the Payroll Summary file?

In these stubs you will find the value of the employee’s new items, withholdings and deductions and the summary of their payment. You can download the stub for a specific employee or download a consolidated PDF of the stubs for all employees. To find out how, click on the following article in our Help Center: How can I view my employees’ pay stubs?

Sep Payroll Receipts

The payroll receipt is the proof of your services rendered as a salaried employee, and shows that the people who hired you complied with such payment. This document is a basic condition at the time of settling the salary, since it indicates how much to pay and how much to withhold, so that without it, the employer would not be able to cancel it.

In this issue we will tell you why it is important that you keep these receipts, what procedures they can be used for and, of course, what steps you must follow to obtain your payroll receipts from the SAT.

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Let’s suppose you want to apply for a loan from a bank. It does not matter if it is a credit card, a cash loan or even a mortgage loan; in any case, it is possible that the institution or the bank will ask you for a payroll receipt, as part of the mandatory documentation. The intention is to find out how much you earn each month, and then evaluate if you are a good candidate and how much payment capacity you have.

Print payroll receipts from the Health Department.

¹Banking institutions other than those mentioned above may charge additional fees for the use of their ATMs. Cash withdrawals made at ATMs are limited to $8 thousand pesos per day.

⁵ Credit Card free of charge for first Annuity, 12 months interest free on the first purchase and 300 welcome bonus points, in case of credit card debt transfer the interest rate is 15.9%.

⁸The account management fee only applies in case of not maintaining the required monthly average balance ($2,000.00 Pesos) in accounts with more than 90 days without electronic payroll.  Only applies in the event that no delinquent interest is charged during the same period.

SSA payroll receipts

The Community of Madrid is progressively implementing an information system that allows its employees digital access to their pay slips and, subsequently, to the certificates of withholdings and payments on account of Personal Income Tax.

The Ministry of Economy, Employment and Finance, together with Madrid Digital, will send an individualized letter to all employees detailing the appropriate instructions for personal access to view their pay slips. There are two access modalities:

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– In the case of failing three times to type your Secure Activation Code, your access to the application will be blocked. In this case, please inform the Payroll Service of the territorial area to which you belong.