Do you get paid for apprenticeship training?

Training and apprenticeship contract pdf

SCHOLARS do not have an employment contract like the rest of the employees. This is because the contractual relations between the trainee and the company are defined through the agreements with universities, institutions or civil associations dedicated to the linking of trainees.

For the WORKERS, the respect of the rights that are proper to the hiring of a person under a contract is essential for a good working environment and to avoid internal conflicts in the company in the future. For this reason, some of the benefits that they have are:

It is important to consider that interns are just beginning their professional training, which is why the skills they can capitalize on to develop their work are more a function of soft skills, i.e., the way in which each one capitalizes on their own resources to deliver results, for example:

A worker, given that he already has an experience in which he has had the opportunity to develop technical skills, makes use of his resources in a more methodological way than an intern, adapts his knowledge to the current environment and has the ability to innovate and propose, so the following skills are considered more valuable:

How is a training contract paid?

First year: You will receive 75% of that salary, which is equivalent to 750 euros per month. (The other 25% is what you invest in training). Subsequent years: You will receive 85% of that salary, amounting to 850 euros per month. (Again, the remaining 15% is dedicated to the training you receive).

How much does a person with a training contract earn?

The minimum salary must be increased by the salary supplements established in the Collective Bargaining Agreement or employment contract. For example, a first year training contract, whose agreement does not establish a salary amount, would have a salary of 627.25 €/month, which would be the result of applying 65% of the SMI.

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What happens if the training activity is not carried out in the training and apprenticeship contract?

What happens if the employee with a training contract does not do the training? … Failure to complete the training or lack of attendance of the employee to the training activities may be considered as lack of work for the appropriate legal purposes and therefore be grounds for dismissal.

Internship contract conditions

Today we solve doubts regarding the SMI for 2022 and how it affects these two types of contracts. This is how the salary of the internship contract and training contract will be in 2022, on a temporary basis.

It should be noted that the social security of the training contract is 100% subsidized (75% if the company has more than 250 workers), so the company would not have to pay social security for the worker during the whole term of the contract.

The labor costs of the worker would not be increased with the social insurances, since the training contract is normally subsidized if the requirements to subsidize the contract are met.

This article indicates that the remuneration to be received by the worker will be that established in the agreement for this type of contract, and cannot be less than 60 or 75% of the amount received by a worker with the same type of contract.  And the amount may never be less than the Minimum Interprofessional Wage.

Since 2019 there are no bonuses for the social insurances of internship contracts, after repealing the Royal Decree Law 28/2018 the 50% bonus enjoyed by this modality, effective from January 2019.

When can you get a training contract?

This change in the age requirement will apply to contracts entered into on or after March 30, 2022, the effective date of these regulations. The age of the training contract is extended from 25 to 30 years old, inclusive.

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How long can a training contract be made?

After the new Labor Reform, the maximum duration of a training contract is 2 years. However, not all contracts can last this long, since in reality the total duration depends on the training that the worker carries out.

How much is charged for one hour of training?

The average trainer salary in Spain is € 30,995 per year or € 15.90 per hour. Entry-level positions start at an income of € 20,000 per year, while more experienced professionals earn up to € 57,135 per year.

Contract for trainees pdf

Today we would like to clarify several doubts that you are asking us about the requirements to formalize a training contract, specifically about the maximum age allowed. Up to what age can a training contract be made in 2022?

This age requirement will not be demanded either in the case of persons in a situation of social exclusion provided for in Law 44/2007, when they are hired by insertion companies that are qualified and active in the corresponding administrative registry.

The regulation governing the age of the training contract in 2022 is Article 11 of the Workers’ Statute, which after being amended by Royal Decree-Law 32/2021, of December 28, indicates that:

The maximum age limit will not apply when the contract is entered into with people with disabilities or with the groups in a situation of social exclusion provided for in Law 44/2007, of December 13, for the regulation of the regime of insertion companies, in cases where they are hired by insertion companies that are qualified and active in the corresponding administrative registry”.

What is a training contract?

Training or Training and Apprenticeship contracts are those that favor the labor insertion of young people …. This is a totally common type of contract, sharing characteristics with other types of contracts. In other words, the employee performs a work activity and is paid for it.

What does a training contract mean?

Training contracts are one of the types of contracts that exist in the Spanish labor market. Their objective is to achieve the labor insertion and training of young people, while alternating work and training activities.

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How can the employee receive the training inherent to the training and apprenticeship contract?

1. The training inherent to the contract for training and apprenticeship shall be provided directly by a vocational training center of those referred to in the fifth additional provision of Organic Law 5/2002, of June 19, 2002, on Qualifications and Vocational Training.

Minimum wage for an apprentice in Spain

Incidentally: in Germany, the vocational training system has been well established for centuries, and apprenticeships with an official diploma are available for almost all occupations. Companies prefer to hire (einstellen) qualified personnel (die Fachkraft, ¨e Fachkraft).

Another official website,, informs you in Spanish about everything you need to know to build a professional future in Germany. They also offer you a guide in pdf format, with information on social security, taxes, validations, employment contracts…

However, if you already have an A2 or B level, you are interested in a good vocational training (die Lehre / die Berufsausbildung) and you really plan to live in Germany in the long term, you can take advantage of the fact that they pay you a salary during your training.

There are some professionals, with their degrees already completed or in the doctoral phase (engineering, scientific research, etc.), who find jobs in university teams or large multinational companies without knowing any German!