Do I need an accountant to do payroll?

Wages and salaries when debited and credited

If you are not yet incorporating payroll journal entry accounting into your business, in this article we will walk you step-by-step through this process, and explain in simple terms what it consists of and why it is so important to the health of your project.

In accounting, a payroll journal entry is the set of entries that are entered in the accounting journal. In other words, in the document that contains all the financial activity of the company, all the compensation, profit and tax data of the employees are recorded and filed. Its purpose is to record the operations that are generated in the company’s accounts, and through these data, it is possible to analyze the composition of the company’s assets over time.

On the other hand, the payroll accounting entry is one of the types of entries with which we can measure the economy of a company, since all the transactions and the total cash flow are summarized here.

Generally speaking, this process is about inserting relevant information in the company’s general ledger. Here, all assets and liabilities must be recorded for financial and compliance purposes. As for employee compensation, it should be recorded:

Payroll accounting record pdf

In order to create a company it is not necessary to have a plan with your products or services that you will offer to the clients that will require it. Just as you have worried about the place where your business will operate and who will be your suppliers, something very important are the workers of the company and place them in a business payroll.

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This is not to downplay the importance of the other resources you need to set up a business, but the staff is another essential point for your business to work perfectly. It is very likely that some concern arises when you feel that you lack a lot of staff and you do not have an area that is dedicated only to them.

If you are thinking of having the support of another company to take care of your staff because you feel it is an area that should not be neglected, well, remember that there are agencies that offer outsourcing payroll service for companies, yes, because this is called payroll and everything in your company will be in order.

How to make a payroll step by step

It is more than clear that not everyone needs an accountant or an accounting service, and that this need will be strictly linked to our income or our employment status.if you are starting a business on your own, either alone or with several partners, it is essential that you have a professional accounting service because you will need it to manage the management of receipts and payments, payroll of employees in case you have them, the books of accounts, as well as to advise you on tax returns and other tax issues.

Those starting out as self-employed will also require the help of a quality accounting service in order not only to keep the accounts clear at the level of invoicing, but also when it comes time to make tax returns.

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If you have several income streams but find it difficult to manage these inflows, do not control expenses efficiently or often wonder what I have done with this month’s money, it is very important that you seek the help of an accountant to be able to keep order in everything related to this area.

Payroll accounting fiscal years

In the Status column you will be able to see which employees are available for the settlement of the period you selected, in case the employee is already in a payroll, in this field you will see the name of the payroll to which he/she belongs and it will not allow you to select him/her.

The system allows you to see the total income, deductions and net amount to be paid for each employee, also in this step you can make modifications if necessary; to do this you must click on the option “See detail”.

There you will find a box with the net payable to employees, social security and parafiscal and provisions. There you can click on “see detail” if you wish to see a precise report with the values, bases, funds and concepts that the system took into account for the liquidation.

Then this window will be enabled, which indicates that the accounting vouchers will be generated to cause the payroll and the receipts, therefore it cannot be edited and you will click on the button to continue.

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