What benefits do foster carers get?

What benefits do foster carers get?

How much they pay for being a foster family

Order of July 20, 2009 of the Department of Social Policy, Women and Immigration by which the Order of February 27, 2006, of the Department of Labor and Social Policy is modified, by which the economic compensations for paid foster care of minors are regulated. (BORM of July 29th, 2009, nº 173)

Order of February 27, 2006, of the Department of Labor and Social Policy, by which the economic compensations for paid foster care of minors are regulated. (BORM of March 15, 2006, No. 62).

Family benefits social security

In the case of large families, the annual income shall not exceed 18,532.00 euros, in the cases in which there are 3 dependent children, increasing by 3,002.00 euros for each dependent child from the fourth, including this one.

In the case of cohabitation of the parents or adoptive parents, if the sum of the income of both exceeds the indicated limit, neither of them will be recognized as beneficiaries. The same rule will be applied in the cases in which the family, permanent or pre-adoptive foster care.

The beneficiary will be the one who is in charge of the child or minor in permanent family foster care or guardianship for adoption purposes, even if it is a different person from the former.

Date of payment of child allowance 2022

a) To have formalized simple or permanent family foster care by means of a resolution of the General Directorate competent in family matters of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha or by means of a judicial resolution, with respect to a minor over whom the competent Regional Ministry of Social Affairs exercises the guardianship or custody.

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c) In the event that extraordinary expenses are necessary to adequately attend to the needs of the fostered minor, an extraordinary aid may be exceptionally established, after a reasoned report to that effect from the corresponding Provincial Delegations.

The aids will be granted according to the concurrence of the requirements foreseen in article 17, depending on the type of foster care in question, up to the limit of the budgetary availability, charged to the budgetary item 27.07.313E.48165 or the one that is enabled for such effect in the General Budget Law of Castilla-La Mancha in force for each fiscal year.

Characteristics of the foster family

SUPPORT OF THE I.C.I.F.ICIF Infania: 472 minors – responds with 3 psychologists, 2 social workers and 3 educators.Positive aspects that favor fostering:Negative aspects, that harm fostering:Other aspects that favor the fostered minors and fostering: The creation of spaces of participation with the foster families, where they are listened to and taken into account, since they are the closest to the minor and know their daily reality. Spaces with Tulelares Units, with Family Treatment Teams, with Judicial decision making, etc.

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