What area is 0345 number?

What area is 0345 number?


The town was founded in the field El Yeruá donated by Justa Urquiza de Campos, wife of the former Minister of War of the Nation, General Luis María Campos, who died in 1907, to build a railway station. The town is considered to have been founded on June 8, 1913 in the surroundings of the General Campos Station, when the land was auctioned.[3][4] The first businesses were founded by Bartolomé Medina, who had a post office that received mail and provided lodging, Florencio Fernández, and the Jewish immigrant Luis Abraham Dreispeil, who opened a store. These people are considered the founders of the town.

The Jewish immigrants coming from different areas of the Russian Empire, from where they were fleeing persecution and lack of opportunities, moved from the colonies to the town as they could, since the rural tasks were not their trades, but they preferred the city life, being originally from important cities like Kiev, Ekaterinoslav (Dniepropetrovsk), Sebastopol and Odessa, among others.

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We especially recommend to take into account the study programs and possible restrictions described by the UNIVERSIDAD VERACRUZANA. The updated offer of the official studies of the UNIVERSIDAD VERACRUZANA is available in the following link and the attached document: https://cutt.ly/wfkDxYg

Inter-institutional agreements benefit students by exempting them from paying academic fees at the host university. The courses are free of charge for students of the universities that have a bilateral agreement with Universidad Veracruzana. However, it is the students’ duty to inform themselves about the existence of mandatory administrative costs.

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6. Students interested in this call must respect and carry out the virtual academic exchange process according to the internal closing date established by our university for each specific call.

1. Have academic or disciplinary sanctions in force at any of the campuses of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia at the time of submitting the exchange application or during the period in which the exchange will take place at the host institution.


That as an effect of Legislative Act 003 of 2002, Law 938 of 2004 was issued, which contains the new Organic Statute of the Attorney General’s Office, which confers power to the Attorney General of the Nation, to issue the Manual of Requirements and Functions of each of the jobs of the Prosecutor General’s Office;

That because of the above, it is necessary to add Resolution 0-1102 of June 17, 2002 in relation to the alternatives for the positions of Criminal Investigator I, Criminal Investigator II, Criminal Investigator III, Criminal Investigator IV, Criminal Investigator V and Criminal Investigator VI of the Technical Investigation Corps of the Attorney General’s Office;


These are a series of meetings with workshop modality that constitute a training instance that enables the acquisition of conceptual tools and procedures related to the formation, organization and development of Student Centers in the schools of Concordia.

The school thus becomes a producer of critical, original and innovative knowledge. Young people move from the place of receivers of stories and concepts about history. Each project should include the following phases: Research/Archiving/Transmission.

From the research, build a story about the past. Each project should choose for its final production one of the following transmission supports: Graphic productions (brochures, booklets, newspapers, magazines). Murals, memory marks, plays or stage productions. Photographic exhibition.

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The objective of the proposal is the creation of meeting and training spaces that strengthen the growth of the carnival as a popular festival with a socio-cultural impact. The workshops aim to provide technical training in four main areas (percussion, costume making, dance and artistic makeup) which, when applied, will favor the development of the popular carnival in the neighborhoods.