What are the two most common payment methods used when making purchases from online merchants?

What are the two most common payment methods used when making purchases from online merchants?


To make the payment it is necessary a payment gateway or virtual TPV that acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. When a buyer places an order and chooses the method of payment by credit card, he can opt for the credit or debit card, which only differ in that the first one does not deduct the amount from the bank account at the moment, as the second one does. After entering the data, the POS communicates them to the entity that issued the card for verification and, if the latter accepts it as valid, confirms the transaction and the buyer receives confirmation of the purchase.

This form of online payment is highly appreciated by users, above all for its convenience and security, since data transmission is encrypted, and for the speed with which the transaction can be carried out. For sellers, on the other hand, it may involve the payment of commissions.

The advantages of this form of online payment in eCommerce are very clear, as there is no need to register or provide sensitive data. The order information is automatically entered into the payment form and, since the seller receives the payment confirmation in real time, processing and shipping times are saved, which ultimately results in customer satisfaction.

Payment methods sat

Although it is not at its best, it is undoubtedly a reference in the world of online payments. The security and ease of integration that has always offered, as well as the fact of being tremendously widespread have made paypal one of the most common methods of payment in digital transactions. It is a means widely used by those customers who buy very often online and are also very aware of cybersecurity. It is very versatile and convenient to manage returns.

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It is the easiest way to transfer the offline world to the online world, with a security system similar to that of conventional POS and allows using the same card and passwords. It is perhaps the most convenient method for occasional shoppers. Its integration in stores can be relatively simple depending on the flexibility of the platform because the APIS of the banks are used. In the current market, it seems the most reasonable option in terms of the balance of ease of integration, costs, transaction security, etc. …..

Secure online payment methods

In the new consumer 3.0 culture, the shopping experience and streamlined processes have taken on greater importance. This has given rise to a demand for more flexible and diverse payment options that allow shoppers to make their purchases as they see fit and from the payment method of their choice.

Thus, it has become practically a necessity for eCommerce to implement payment gateways that offer different payment methods. These, in addition to offering the ease of paying as each consumer prefers, also offer different value-added tools that can help boost conversions.

As we had discussed, integrating a variety of payment methods also allows you to offer a better and wider repertoire of options for new payment trends. For example, many mobile payment platforms have tools such as payment via links or QR, which reduce the payment process considerably, limiting it to a couple of clicks. This meets the demand for mobile, simple and efficient payment methods that is currently in demand.

Ways to pay for a product

If you own an online business, you should be aware of the distrust that buyers have when paying online. Giving money without seeing the face of the recipient or having the product or service at their fingertips causes a logical fear of being scammed.

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In addition to offering transactional security to protect customer data, a great way to build confidence in the transaction is to offer different payment methods. That way, the buyer will be able to choose the one he/she trusts the most. If you don’t offer a payment method that gives them confidence, that potential customer could go to a competitor with a single click.

However, it is important to understand some terms first, and to know how these payment methods are provided, processed and accessed so that you can make the right decision for your online business.

A study by the Baymard Institute found that 19% of shoppers abandon the purchase because of trust issues with the website regarding giving out their card information. And another 8% directly stated that there were not enough payment options.

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