What are the payment options for Deliveroo?

What are the payment options for Deliveroo?

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Sure, in fact you should do it. The idea is that customers get to know you through other platforms such as Just Eat, Deliveroo, Glovo…and then the customer orders directly from you. These companies will be your recruitment platform.

“Good service. The system fulfills its function of managing my business orders, I had already worked with other applications in which they charged me quite high commissions for the service, However here the commissions are very low but the system very good. “

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Ordering food delivery is actually a simple process as there are different means through which you can place your order. You can do it from a website either from the intermediary (Just Eat, Deliveroo, etc) or from the store itself. Some of them already have apps to order food so you can order your food from your phone in a very fast way.

As you can see, these are simple steps, now we just need to put them into practice and enjoy our orders of home-cooked meals. In addition, we can also apply this when making our shopping cart online in supermarkets. We must take advantage of the benefits that technological progress and, mainly, the Internet offer us.

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We recommend that, for payments you receive in cash, you have a special wallet (Glovo money purse only) to keep the money received from customers and avoid confusion with your personal money.

Remember to always pay with the payment method indicated by the app, otherwise you may create a mismatch in the invoice.    For example, if the app tells you to pay in cash and you decide to pay with the Bankable card without changing the payment method, this amount will not be justified and will be deducted from the invoice in ‘mismatches for card use’. The balance will be reduced because the system understands that you have paid with the Glovo wallet as indicated by the app.

If the app tells you to pay by card and you decide to pay with cash from the Glovo wallet, although you would still be refunded in the biweekly invoice ‘mismatches for card use’, you would already carry an unreal balance and you would not keep track of what you have in the Glovo wallet. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

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The Cancook Restaurant establishment uses the MyBeezBox solution to offer online sales offers, available through the website http://www.cancookrestaurant.com/. In this case, MyBeezBox is the provider of the software solution, only the establishment carries out the sale. These General Conditions of Sale govern the terms and conditions of sale of the offers of the Cancook Restaurant establishment, we advise you to consult them carefully before committing yourself.

These conditions apply to the online sale of the establishment’s offers. These General Conditions of Sale (GCS) are valid from 22 May 2020. The entity reserves the right to modify the GTC, but such modification is inapplicable to contracts previously concluded in compliance with the GTC associated with such sales. Before entering into a contract, each customer certifies that he/she is able to enter into a contract in accordance with the terms of articles 1123 and 1224 of the Civil Code. Before signing a contract, each customer must read and accept the general terms and conditions of sale of the establishment.

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