What are the CRA payment dates?

What are the CRA payment dates?

Resolution cra 943 of 2021 pdf

Description: The fundamental purpose of the CRA is to regulate monopolies, promote competition, promote the sustainability of the Potable Water and Basic Sanitation sector, avoiding abuses of dominant position, guaranteeing the provision of quality services, with reasonable rates and wide coverage.

This purpose is achieved through regulatory development involving the participation of users and providers and providing clear, complete and timely regulatory advice; with shared principles and values, with high technical capacity and empowered personnel, working in efficient processes that ensure the quality of the regulatory exercise, supported by efficient information systems and state-of-the-art technology.

Establish, in general terms, in which events it is necessary that the execution of works, installations and operation of equipment for the provision of water, sewage and sanitation services be subject to technical standards and adopt the necessary measures to apply the technical standards on drinking water quality established by the Ministry of Health, in such a way that the mechanisms for the control of drinking water quality by the competent entities are strengthened.

Drinking Water and Basic Sanitation Regulatory Commission (cra)

This normalization option can be requested at the Service Center, located at Carrera 10 No. 17-55, 1st floor, for such attention the user must schedule an appointment through the web page www.aguasyaguas.com.co, button “Presential Attention”, where you can also select that the appointment is via zoom.

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For more information on the modalities of portfolio normalization and to resolve any concerns about them, interested users can contact the telephone hotlines (606) 3401116 and 116 for landlines, Tigo and Movistar.

Cra social security

The new system will allow you to know the details of your consumption, have a better planning of your expenses, have more than 37,000 payment points nationwide and access to the virtual invoice modality, as well as a diverse portfolio of non-face-to-face service channels, to pay your bill at the time you want and from the safety and comfort of your home.

In accordance with Law 142/1994, art. 147, the cleaning service cannot be paid independently from the energy service, so untimely or incomplete payment of the bill could lead to the suspension of the service.

The rate for the energy service will not vary due to the linking of the charge for the sanitation service in the same bill. They are totally independent services and rates, and their costs will be reflected in the bill in a discriminate manner.

The rate for the sanitation service varies in accordance with the provisions of Resolution CRA 720 of 2015, which determines the rate regulation regime governing sanitation operators.

That it is deferred covid in epm’s invoice.

That, likewise, the second paragraph of the aforementioned article provided that “each active subject shall issue the administrative act in which it determines the total percentage and the conditions to apply the advance or first payment of the respective special contribution, which shall be set at a maximum amount of sixty percent (60%) of the amount liquidated as special contribution, corresponding to the previous fiscal year and which has become final”.

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ARTICLE 4. APPLICATION OF THE ADVANCE PAYMENT OF THE SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION. The amount paid as an advance or first payment referred to in this resolution shall be discounted from the value of the liquidation of the special contribution in each period.