What are the council tax bands?

What are the council tax bands?

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Sometimes certain legislative reforms, the need for which is unquestionable and unanimously admitted, are successively and repeatedly postponed due to unforeseen circumstances that inexorably mark the rhythm of the socio-political dynamics of the State. This has been the case of the reform of Local Treasuries which, at last, and by virtue of this Law, is incorporated into the field of positive law, thus resolving the long period of transition in which the financial activity of the local sector has been developing.

The absence of a comprehensive regulation of local financial activity in Law 7/1985 was based on objective reasons of a material nature, entirely linked to the state in which the process of definitive conformation of certain aspects of general financial activity was in progress. In essence, this has to do with the importance, in the local sphere, of certain material and formal aspects of the State’s financial activity and, more specifically, the aspects relating to the structure of the State’s tax system and the organization of general budgetary activity. Both matters, which have a decisive influence on the integral configuration of the local financial system, were, in 1985, still pending definition in their exact terms, a circumstance which meant that the local financial system could not have been fully ordered at the aforementioned date.


on the computer. This program has been replaced by the WEB income tax help service, which allows you to file your income tax return directly on the Tax Agency’s website. There is also the possibility of doing it from the cell phone through a new application. The Tax Agency also sends many taxpayers the following information

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created a service on its web page called Renta WEB, which downloads the data that the Tax Agency has on each taxpayer and which allows to modify and include the income and expenses data of each person, making automatically the necessary operations and calculations to obtain the result of the tax return, to be paid in or to be returned. The Agency

Municipal taxes examples

The tax on vehicles of mechanical traction (IVTM) is a real, direct and objective tax, of municipal ownership and compulsory levy that is found in articles 92 to 99 of the TRLRHL.

The management of this tax was also modified by Law 36/2006, of November 29, 2006, on Measures for the Prevention of Tax Fraud, which established a series of safeguards for the purpose of justifying payment of the tax.

If a car is transferred on September 3, 2008 and the registration in the Vehicle Register is made on January 10, 2009, the transferor must pay the tax corresponding to the year 2008 because he/she appears as the holder of the vehicle registration certificate in the Register. The acquirer of the vehicle must pay the fee for 2009.

A vehicle powered by a solar energy engine may enjoy a rebate of up to 50% of the tax, increased or not, provided that this is regulated in the corresponding tax ordinances of the City Council, since we are dealing with a vehicle powered by solar energy and therefore with less impact on the environment.

Municipal Taxation Law

First Ratify the New Municipal Tax Plan that has been submitted for such purpose by the Mayors’ Offices of all the municipalities of the country, which shall be applicable in all of them, with the exception of Managua as of the date of its publication in La Gaceta; Official Gazette; being its literal transcription the following:

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The treasury of the municipalities is made up of their movable and immovable property; of their active credits, of the proceeds of their sales, taxes, participation in state taxes, fees for services and benefits, excise taxes, special contributions, fines, rents, canons, transfers and of any other property attributed to them by law or that they may receive by any other title.

Any natural or juridical person habitually engaged in the sale of goods or rendering of services, whether professional or not, must apply for registration annually in the municipality for each of the economically differentiated activities carried out therein.