What are the consequences of not paying council tax?

What are the consequences of not paying council tax?

Consequences of tax evasion

on the computer. This program has been replaced by the WEB income tax help service, which allows you to file your income tax return directly on the Tax Agency’s website. There is also the possibility of filing it from the cell phone through a new application. The Tax Agency also sends many taxpayers the following information

created a service on its web page called Renta WEB, which downloads the data that the Tax Agency has on each taxpayer and which allows to modify and include the income and expenses data of each person, making automatically the necessary operations and calculations to obtain the result of the tax return, to be paid in or to be returned. The Agency

When municipal tax debts are subject to statute of limitations

In a previous commentary[1], we highlighted the importance and seriousness of tax evasion in Latin America today, as well as the high level of inequality in income distribution, highlighting the scarce redistributive capacity of tax policy.

In a paper by Michel Jorratt[2], the following variables are cited as influencing the complex phenomenon of tax evasion: the effectiveness of tax auditing by the TAs, the penalty system, the simplicity of the tax structure and, finally, the acceptance of the tax system.

Regarding the penalty system, it is necessary to analyze, among other points, the level of penalties, the legal accuracy of the sentences, the timeliness of their application and the effectiveness of collection.

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On the issue of the simplicity of the tax structure, it is clear that complex tax systems favor evasion and avoidance, because they create uncertainty regarding the scope of the tax rules, raise the costs of control, increase the costs of compliance and multiply the formulas or mechanisms of evasion and avoidance.

Causes of tax evasion

In order to identify the main causes of the inefficient collection of the property tax in Cd. Valles, S.L.P., a documentary research was carried out to identify the elements in the collection of this tax, such as the subject, the base, the rate or tariff and the time of payment.

Subsequently, a field investigation was carried out with the inhabitants of the municipal capital as well as with the inhabitants of the rural zone of the municipality, obtaining as main results the fact that the inhabitants are aware of their obligations as property taxpayers. However, they do not comply with their payment, mainly due to the generalized perception of lack of works and actions on the part of the municipal authorities.

In order to identify the main causes of the tax inefficiency of the property tax in Cd. Valles, SLP, a documentary investigation was carried out to identify the elements in the collection of this tax as they are the subject, the base, the Rate or rate and time of payment.

What happens if I do not pay taxes on my house

Taxes are taxes or charges that citizens are obliged to pay as a consequence of certain facts, acts or businesses without there being a direct consideration for their payment. They are necessary to sustain the welfare state. Since they represent an expense for companies and families, tax planning is essential to maintain good financial health, both at a personal and business level, and to be able to pay them.

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But the complexity of modern life makes it very difficult to determine how taxes should be levied by law alone. Normally the law foresees its own development by rules approved by the Government, which has the material and human resources to enter into details of a more technical nature and which are beyond the possibilities of the parliamentary representatives elected by the citizens.

Contributions are, in a way, in an intermediate category. It is true that social security contributions are paid in order to receive contributory social security benefits. This means that if they are not paid, the right to receive these benefits will not be generated.