What are the 4 payment methods in SAP?

What are the 4 payment methods in SAP?

List of sap payments

I am configuring payment methods in order to use the payment wizard in SAP and thus generate an outgoing payment to close the vendor invoices, but I have doubts, and I would like to know if any of you know the function of “Generation of bank file”, I deduce that it is to generate a layout for the dispersion of payments in the bank, right, does anyone have any documentation?

leave it as “This is a test” so I always configure it with my clients hahaha I guess it refers to the type of payment means, it can be a format as you mention, I think it is assigned for the check but I’m not sure.

Then in the suppliers Master Data payment conditions add the supplier’s bank data (It is informative it can be any data, if you do not add it when you execute it the payments will not be created).

Invoicing process in sap

In many occasions, when we make purchases we negotiate a payment in installments with the supplier. In this way, the amount of an invoice can be split into several payments, with different maturities that reflect the conditions agreed with the supplier.

1) Manual splitting: activate the splitting of amounts by Company. This allows us to manually indicate the amounts of the different items when recording the invoices (MIRO transactions if we do it from MM or FB60 if we do it directly in Accounting).

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In this case, we will have to modify the setting of the global parameters of the company code. Through the customizing path Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Global parameters for the company code -> Check and complete global parameters. We can also access with transaction SM30, view V_001_B.

The maturity data for each of the items is determined by the Payment Condition that we indicate in each amount (this will allow us to indicate a payment condition to each of them in a timely manner; for example, to generate a 30-day maturity, a 60-day maturity, etc). In any case, the due dates can be modified later in the processing of the individual items.

Payment to sap suppliers

Employees do not need to be in the company to receive their payment and, no matter where they are, they will receive their salary. On the other hand, the company already has the employee’s bank information at the time of hiring, so the deposit is simple.

Payroll cards are positioning themselves as another of the most popular payroll payment options. It is another way of making a direct deposit to the employee, except that the employee does not need to have a personal bank account to receive it.

This type of payroll payment requires a good record, otherwise there may be problems; in addition, tracking payroll movements becomes easier, since you avoid movements in bank accounts and filling out or printing checks.

However, one of the disadvantages of this method is that you will have to be very attentive with taxes and payment records since, if the correct taxes are not paid for the payment of salaries, the organization can be involved in serious problems. This means a little more time when making deductions and declarations.

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SAP Supplier Master Report

Trying to fill out a CFDI for the first time can feel like standing at the dashboard of a space shuttle. Depending on what you use it for, there are several different types of CFDIs, such as income, expense or payroll. They also have 21 fields that must be filled out with numerical keys that contain up to several tens of thousands of different concepts.

Two of the most frequently confused fields are the form of payment and the method of payment. These are often confused because their names might seem to be practically synonymous expressions. However, this is not the case.

The form of payment refers to the means by which the payment was made. In other words, we are referring to specifying whether the payment was made in cash, by credit card, food vouchers, check or any other means. It may surprise you, but the SAT contemplates 32 forms of payment in the c_FormaPago catalog, including those already mentioned (in this note we explain them one by one).

The SAT is not so strict in this aspect, because if the total amount is paid by the 17th of the following month, you can state in the invoice that it is a one-time payment. Yes, we know that strictly speaking this is also a payment in installments, but this is the way the SAT rules are.

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