What are different types of payment gateways?

What are different types of payment gateways?

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E-commerce is the fastest growing form of commerce in the world, and we understand its role as a key growth driver for your business. That’s why our vision is to source the world’s best e-commerce capabilities for you and deliver them with local knowledge and support.

Our award-winning Payment Gateway accepts the widest and growing range of options for your customers to pay. You’ll be able to add new payment types quickly, keeping you at the forefront of payment acceptance and your customers’ needs.

The integration is very simple but keep in mind that you will need someone with dynamic PHP or Java programming skills to do this work for you. We will support your developer to get it done quickly.

When your customer clicks on the PAY button he will be securely redirected to our CHECKOUT page where he can choose the payment method he wants to use for the transaction. We process the transaction, inform your customer that their payment was successfully received or declined, email the payment details to your customer and redirect them back to your page for your customer to continue shopping.

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A payment gateway is a vital tool for authorizing payments that companies implement on their website. They maintain the security of e-commerce transactions and guarantee communication between the business and the banking centers, and also offer a secure service for customers.

Would you have imagined that in just a few seconds all these steps are carried out? This is the magic of payment gateways, since they facilitate communication between banks to make the process agile and efficient; in a short time you can know if your transaction is approved or rejected.

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Integrating your own payment gateway from scratch can also be an option if you want to give it other configurations or customize it. But the configurations are more complicated and, if you are not an experienced programmer, you will have to resort to a professional. We recommend you to use one of the following list, since it is faster.

Among its great advantages is that it handles all major credit and debit cards, in addition to offering low interest rates and incremental sales growth. The payment flow costs only 0.10 USD per transaction and has no cancellation fees or monthly minimums.

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Having an online business implies the responsibility of offering your customers secure and guaranteed payment systems. To avoid problems when making a purchase, it is important to know the different payment gateways, as well as their characteristics.

It is recommended to all online store owners to include this payment option, as it is one of the most trusted by online shoppers. Not having PayPal as a payment method could mean the loss of customers.

This type of gateways are convenient and fast for the buyer. However, they do not offer much confidence to users because they do not always ensure proof of receipt for the purchase, require certain circumstances to be carried out in the case of different banks, are more exposed to possible fraud, etc..

There are a series of aspects that you need to take into account when setting up an online store. To choose a payment gateway that suits the needs of your business we recommend that you pay attention to:

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Reading Time: 20 minutesGuide to know how to choose a payment gateway adapted to your business in 2019Integrating payment options that add value to the shopping experience is essential for an ecommerce. A satisfied customer is a customer who finds the payment method that best suits their needs.

If a user is not familiar with a payment method, he or she is likely to abandon the cart. Therefore, the keys to any payment option are to transmit confidence, simplicity and clarity. The user must be convinced that his money is safe.

A large volume of transactions is processed daily through payment gateways. Most ecommerce integrates gateways that provide the payment experience with immediacy, ease and security.

The first thing you need to know about payment gateways is that they are currently the payment method implemented by all digital merchants. Their main function is to make it easier for customers to pay through the web.

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