Should you accept first PPI offer?

Should you accept first PPI offer?

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A pension plan is a financial product that offers you a wide range of advantages to enjoy a comfortable retirement. Of course, there are certain circumstances and situations in life that may force you to make an early redemption of your pension plan. In the following section we explain all the cases in which you can recover your money before retirement.

If you have taken out a pension plan, surely one of the questions on your mind has to do with whether or not you can redeem your money early. Well, first of all it is worth noting that it is not a liquid financial product, so you cannot withdraw the money at any time.

The pension plan, as its name suggests, is intended to be withdrawn after retirement. Thus, the early redemption of a pension plan is only possible under a series of special circumstances.

If you have a pension plan and you die, the product passes to your spouse or heirs. It is up to them to decide whether they wish to redeem it or keep it. If they opt for the first alternative, they must continue the process through the inheritance.

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We are going to explain what the DPI of your mobile or PC is and how you can configure it to modify the scale of what you see on the screen. It is an acronym that is often confused with PPP, so we will also explain the differences between the two terms.

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To change the DPI on Android you first have to enable the developer options. To do this, go into the Settings application of the device to access its settings, and once inside click on the System option that you will see almost at the bottom.

Within the System options, now click on the About phone section that you will see first. Depending on the manufacturer’s customization layer or Android launcher this may be in a different place, but generally it should be easy to find using the settings finder.

Now you have to go back to the System option within the device’s Settings, and after scrolling down to the bottom click on the Developer Options section that will have appeared after taking the previous step. If you already had them activated before, you don’t need to click seven times on the build name, you can enter the options directly.

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The revised text of the Pension Plans and Funds Regulation Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2002, of November 29, integrates the original Law 8/1987, of June 8, 1987, on the Regulation of Pension Plans and Funds, and its successive modifications, which have configured, together with insurance, a specific complementary social welfare instrument, within the framework of the private finalist savings systems.

In accordance with the legislative evolution compiled in the revised text of the Pension Plans and Funds Regulatory Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2002, of November 29th, this Royal Decree updates, systematizes and completes the adaptation of the regulations on pension plans and funds, also taking into account the experience accumulated in this field, and taking as a reference the developments in the European Union.

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This new Regulation on pension plans and funds integrates and replaces the original regulation, approved by Royal Decree 1307/1988, of September 30, 1988, and partially modified subsequently, especially by Royal Decree 1589/1999, of October 15, 1999. Royal Decree 1588/1999, of October 15, 1999, approving the Regulation on the instrumentation of pension commitments of companies to employees and beneficiaries, expressly maintains its validity.

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These limits may increase because, regardless of the above reductions, if your spouse receives an income of less than €8,000 per year, you can reduce the contributions made in favor of your spouse, with a maximum annual limit of €1,000.

Mainly if you need a tax deduction to reduce the tax cost of your income, because currently there are non-guaranteed long-term savings & investment products that are more interesting than the Pension Plan, such as the Unit Linked with PIAS housing.

Because in addition to advising our clients on the contracting, we advise them on the redemption, carrying out a free simulation with all the possible redemption scenarios, in order to minimize the tax impact as much as possible. This service is valued in the market at approx. 400€. A bad approach to redemption can result in a very high tax cost.

The vested rights (balance) of the Pension Plans remain outside the balance sheet of the managing and depositary entity, so that the participant will not see his saved assets affected in case of bankruptcy of the managing/depositary entity.

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