Should I worry about my credit score?

Should I worry about my credit score?

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void_ptrThe salesman is lying to you. His goal is to keep you from walking away. No lie and trick are too serious if they help him achieve that, as far as he’s concerned. He doesn’t care in the least about your credit score. He cares very much about wasting as much of your time as possible, to make it harder for you to walk away.

TTTSIf you are in the US, you are correct that most FICO scoring models will tie several auto loan inquiries into one (and I believe it is within 45 days for newer models and between 14 and 30 days for older models). But now that you know your scores and have a copy of your credit report (because the dealer should have given it to you, and if not, you have the right to go back and ask them to print it out for you), you could bring that to other dealers and most should be able to price loans before checking your credit. You’ll just have to pull it again when you decide to buy. But again, even if you allow multiple dealers to pull it, it shouldn’t negatively affect your score beyond the initial hit.

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Higher balances are more difficult to pay and could indicate that you are overloaded. High utilization lowers your credit score and signals to potential lenders a greater risk that you will fall behind on payments.

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Now I often hit the 50% mark or more, but that’s only because I use the card much more frequently instead of always carrying cash (I found the card to be faster and more convenient).jamesqfSimple solution: get another card and/or request a credit limit increase on this one. dwizumSince you’ve tagged this as philippines, you may want to be sure to filter the advice you receive based on your location, as much of the feedback presented here (and in the web link you posted) is directed at US-based Credit Score Models.

Hart COHistorically, credit scoring models tracked utilization as a point-in-time metric. That means you really only need to worry if you are about to make use of your credit. If you were looking to get a new loan, you might want to pay twice a month to keep utilization down, or if you knew exactly when your credit would be pulled, you could schedule a payment just before and achieve an ideal utilization rate.

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The way this confidence can be measured is through your credit history, which plays a key role in the lending system. Here are some myths and truths about credit history.

False. Your salary and income are considered measures of your ability to pay bills, not your potential credit risk. Income doesn’t show up on credit reports, so it can’t affect your credit history.

False. A good credit history is only one measure of your risk, whether you pay your bills on time and in full. When you have a good credit score, it means you are a low risk.

There are no loan and credit products that are only available to people with perfect scores, and once you reach a certain score, you get pretty much the same benefits anyway.

In fact, it may affect your score because it means having fewer credit accounts. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay off debt; you don’t want to pay unnecessary interest over time just to save a few credit score points.

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