Should I pay the balance due on my holiday?

Should I pay the balance due on my holiday?

If I resign and I have not taken vacations, I will be paid them in Mexico.

Inicio/Centro de consultas/Consultas / Terminación de Contrato / FiniquitoCompartiricono compartirTerminación de Contrato, FiniquitoTerminación de Contrato, FiniquitoCan the unpaid balance of the social credit granted by a compensation fund be deducted from the severance pay? Although the employer may deduct from the severance payment the social credit owed by the employee, in order to deduct from the severance payment the balance of the social credit, the employee is required to express again the will to accept the deduction of the outstanding balance at the time of signing the severance payment. Consequently, if an employee at the end of the employment relationship maintains a social credit debt with a family allowance compensation fund, in order to be able to deduct such debt from the indemnities that may correspond to him/her for the termination of the employment contract, he/she must, at the time of ratifying the severance agreement, expressly authorize any discount for the payment of such credit obligations.Termination of Employment Contract, Severance AgreementTermination of Employment Contract, Severance Agreement

If I work my vacations, how much should I be paid?

Vacations are a right and an obligation of the workers but for different reasons, sometimes, they voluntarily prefer not to enjoy them. What happens in these cases? How should the company respond? What are the options of the worker? Can the vacations not enjoyed be calculated to collect them? Are there specific software for the control of vacations that help in this sense? Read on and we will explain it to you.

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It is mandatory for both parties and it must be made clear in the contracts which collective agreement the company is covered by (since it does not have to be the same for all of them). Thus, the employee will be able to consult what their specific conditions are and if, for example, they can enjoy more vacation days or not.

It is clear, therefore, that rest days cannot be exchanged for money and the employee is obliged to take them. However, there are three exceptions in which employees’ vacation must be settled. They are as follows:

Payment of vacations in cash due to necessity of service

The termination of the employment contract before the enjoyment of the vacation also provides for the payment of the vacation days not taken, regardless of the cause of the termination of the contract.

In this case, an economic compensation proportionate to the vacation period not taken will be included in the corresponding severance payment. This amount will be paid to the Social Security for the common contingencies of retirement, permanent disability, temporary disability, unemployment, etc.

On the one hand, you will be able to count on an automated system that optimizes the management of vacations in a massive way. All the leaves and absences that exist in a single platform and easily customizable: you can configure your own vacation policy, choose what kind of absences exist, if they need supporting documents, if they are automatically approved, if they need approval, if they consume days or not…

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This 100% online tool also has the capacity for self-management, thanks to the fact that it offers a calendar of days for each employee. The employee will be able to request and consult 24/7 everything related to time management: vacations, leaves, sick leave, and now hours worked or work shift.

Vacation payment form in cash in colombia

During maternity or paternity leave (Elterzeit) you have the right to have vacation. However, the employer could choose to reduce the paid leave days by one twelfth for each full month of Elternzeit (Art. 17 (1) BEEG). This provision does not violate European law (BAG, judgment of March 19, 2019, Case No. 9 AZR 362/18). The employer may decide to proceed with the reduction even after the employee has already entered Elternzeit, but must inform him in a timely manner.

In Germany you are entitled to one twelfth of your annual leave for each month of work (e.g., if the contract specifies 24 days of annual leave, you are entitled to 2 days of leave for each month of work – § 5 BUrlG), and this also applies to new employees.

Most employers have pre-printed forms to fill out for vacation requests or use specific HR programs that can also be used for vacation requests.

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